Week Five Update


Hello Co-Creators,

The Body Wash samples are in the mail and officially on their way! There are three samples in your package, each very different by design. Once you have fully evaluated a body wash sample, please head on over to the Questionnaire section of the community to complete a few short surveys about your experience with the products (they will be available Friday the 8th, in the am).

Important! You must provide feedback about the samples by completing the questionnaires. Please have all of your questionnaires completed by 6/22/2018. We’ve also opened up a discussion topic in the Refreshing Body Wash area of the forum for you to discuss your thoughts (good and bad) about the samples with your fellow co-creators.

Moisturizer Ingredient Selection
We’ve got some fresh Questionnaires running to capture your thoughts on ingredients for our Body Lotion. There are 5 components to the lotion: Oils, Butters, Humectants, Active Botanicals, and Hydrosols. Why not head on over to the Questionnaire widget in your sidebar, read through the descriptions, and then pick your favorites?

Scavenger Hunt Results
So this ended up being trickier than I thought… there was one question tripping everyone up. Congratulations to @Tradowsky for her winning submission, she’s the winner of a $25 gift card to Amazon!

Live each day with grace and authenticity.



Thanks for all that info. I can’t wait to try the body wash.


So looking forward!


Those articles were very informative, thank you. I was wondering about some of those ingredients. Good t know. John are you a chemist?


Super excited to try these samples!Thanks for the update.


Thanks for the update! Scavenger hunt looked fun I totally missed that.


I absolutely loved taking these questionnaires and learning about the different benefits! I’ve heard of a lot of the ingredients, but I know very little about them, so it was a great learning experience - and everything was super clearly written!


@Freedom, Not a chemist, but I play one on the forum :)My background is in tech and sales leadership.I also dig science and skin care, and enjoy working towards a healthy, athletic lifestyle.And while I tend to low sugar and carbs, I am human - I try to carefully choose my pizza and ice cream moments :slight_smile:


I am so incredibly excited to start trying the samples and giving feedback.I am wondering if we can share our samples with our spouses and possibly get a little bit more feedback?Or… can they try it and keep there opinions to themselves LOL???This is so very exciting…


Hi Marsha, I saw and replied to your question on last week’s blog, but I know how comments tend to get buried.Yes, I think it’s OK to share a product with your spouse :slight_smile:


Super excited about the samples and the feedback process!!!


Can’t wait to get the samples and try them out!


Thank you for all the information! Super excited to try the body wash samples.


Congratulations Tradowsky! I missed the scavenger hunt. Feeling bad. Hoping for next time to keep an eye on.


congratulations tradowsky, that was a hard challenge :slight_smile:


i can’t wait to try :slight_smile: i am looking forward to receiving the body wash


I’m so excited to get the samples! Really looking forward to testing them out. Congrats Tradowsky! You did great! :slight_smile: I hope we do more things like that in the future!


John, really, are you a chemist?


I’m so excited to try them. Samples are the best! Especially when they’re free.


I’m excited to try something that everyone helped create. I think that’s pretty cool.I really do feel like it’s a little community here.I’m struggling to keep up with all of the topics that everyone is posting and really trying to add a meaningful comments to each one.