Week Four Update


Hello Co-Creators!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend, and that you were able to have some time off to spend as you see fit :slight_smile: Since Week Three’s update was a bit lengthy, and last week was somewhat of a shorter holiday week, this update is going to be brief.

Many of you have taken the suggestions for forum posts to heart, and wow, has the caliber of posts improved!
I know it takes some effort to put in the work required to write a quality post… preferably one with a picture, perhaps a link, and a description which allows another community member take action or derive real value from your post. I’d like to thank @MissSabrina1986 for her excellent contributions: she routinely takes the time to include photos in her replies, and it’s just so helpful (and visually appealing) to see images for products when scrolling through the threads. I might not always know a name, but I’ll remember the bottle. Thank you for helping to up our posting game! I’d also like to recognize @Emgie, but for another reason. Not only is she an active contributor to the group, she really makes an effort to reply to other peoples posts and encourage a conversation. Thanks for helping to bring a human element to our online community, by taking the conversation one step further!

Haven’t posted a topic yet? Don’t be shy! I encourage you to reach out in the coming weeks to post a question or discussion idea in the Beauty Talk forum. Don’t worry if your topic doesn’t fit perfectly into the “beauty box”, as the forum and community grow, we’ll create more organization, just keep it oriented around living a natural lifestyle (health, fitness, yoga/meditation, wellness, etc.)I’m learning so much from all of you, and I truly enjoy coming here to catch up on all the news and trends.

Whether you’ve got a different opinion or experience, or even agree, it’s so helpful to the discussion to discover new products and methods. It’s important you all know how valuable and unique each of your contributions are here, and I’m grateful for all of you.

Daily Light Moisturizer
It looks like the Body Lotion was the winner. If you’re delivery vehicle wasn’t selected, don’t worry, we’ll end up creating the Body Milk and Dry Oil Spray at some point. The product matrix is enormous, it’s simply a matter of prioritization. Thank you for voting! Look for more educational content to come out this week as we take a closer look at some of the more common ingredients (which you’ll help us choose) found in natural moisturizing lotions, and how moisturizers work in general.

As we wrap up this Memorial day weekend of 2018, I’d like to pay homage to Gratitude. I’ve been mindfully trying to bring thanks and appreciation for the things, people, and experiences in my life for a little over 2 years now, and it’s made a quantifiable impact on my happiness. My sister in law bought me a gratitude candle for my birthday, which we light a few times per month when we want to really focus on recognizing something special in our lives - I especially like to do this when we have company over, to honor their connection to us, but it could be for anything - it could be as simple as recognizing your partner did the dishes!As you go about your week, I challenge you to notice something small that you appreciate. Recognize it. If you choose to verbalize it because it’s something another person did, more power to you. See how it makes you feel.

Thank you for sharing a part of your week with me,


I will have to think of something to ask this week. I’ve learned so much as well. Thanks for the update.


I actually would love to ask a question but I don’t see as to where it could be done from.


To post a Forum Topic, go here and scroll to the bottom: https://communitycosmetics.cmnty.com/forum/view_forum/48/Beauty-Talk


Thank you so much for the update! I for sure have learned to appreciate the small things every day. My husband became paralyzed in 2016 and life is so different and changed so much. Finding appreciation for the little things in life has had to become our new norm in the darkness we faced after his accident. I think it is so super important to remind people to take a second and just enjoy life the crazy life that day to day offers but , just stop and realize how lucky you are!


i have learned a lot through this community and am really greatful for just being a part of it and getting to read about things i probably wouldn’t have ever learned about if i wasn’t a part of this community. a lot of the forum topics have been very interesting and useful. i am glad the lotion won but am interested in using an oil now after reading what has been posted about using oils and what they do. i had a misunderstanding of oils and had steered clear of them.


Thank you for the update. I love asking questions here. I’ve learned about so many products that can potentially improve the way I look at skincare.


Nice update!I am greatful for my family!My wonderful husband has a hard time every memorial day.He is an Army Veteran, and he lost a lot of buddies in Iraq.His PTSD and survivor guilt really kicks into overdrive at this time of year (and at other times too.)I am thankful for my husband’s service as well as others who have served this counrty!Honor and remember the fallen hero’s as well as the living hero’s!Count your blessings and always try to look at what you HAVE…instead of what you LACK.Life is too short.


Good morning all!Sorry I have been a bit MIA the past week but we were on vacation in Phoenix for Phoenix Comic Fest and just got home last night.I saw posts and read most of them but just didn’t have the time to reply.I hope EVERYONE had a great weekend and took a moment to remember what Memorial Day is really for.I’m excited to try the body lotion that is developed for us and REALLY look forward to trying a body milk and oil as well.So far I’ve been super impressed with the conversations that have gone on in the forums and have really tried to give my two-cents as well.Life has been a bit overwhelming as of late and now that it is slowing down just a tiny bit, I hope to post more.:)Happy Tuesday everyone!


I hope you and everyone else had a great Memorial Day weekend too! Mine was good and I had fun with family! I’m so excited for the body lotion and I can’t wait for the body milk and spray to be made at some point too! Dry oil spray sounds very interesting and I’ve never tried anything like it. I feel like I’ve learned a lot from the forum topics too. Everyone has some really great information to share and it’s made me want to go out and buy so many new products haha!


Quick Update, Body Wash to ship Friday morning (was previously Thurs afternoon).Thank you everyone!


Thank you so much for mentioning me and my posts, I truly appreciate it. I’m also very happy to hear that you do plan on expanding the line to eventually include a body milk and oil spray, I voted for a body milk. I’m super excited to get to try out the body wash we are fortunate enough to get to help create. Also, I love the idea of a gratitude candle. It’s nice to stop and appreciate all the wonderful little things in our lives. I think I’m gonna try this because I believe people would be so much happier if they started noticing all the good things in life instead of focusing so much attention on the bad. Hope everyone is having a great day. :slight_smile:


I’m excited for the body lotion!I’m also excited to hear you’ll be making the dry oil at some point, since it intrigued me and I’m interested in trying it out.


Thank you for the update. Gratitude and thankfulness go a very long way. It’s the simplicity of letting someone know, “I appreciate you. I appreciate what you do.” We really have no idea the challenges other people face, unless they share. Sometimes people can feel so utterly taken for granted and unimportant it paralyzes them. A heartfelt, “Thank you!” can do wonders.


Grateful .


I’m excited to see what the body lotion looks/feels/smells like.I’ve been dry brushing for the past couple weeks and it’ll be cool to see how the lotion interacts with that.


I continue to be thankful to all of you for sharing so many wonderful questions and answers.I am 53 and through the years I thought I had figured most things out about beauty products and ingredients but I am pleasantly shocked to be learning more.


I am very excited to try the new products you are developing.Thank you John,for all the hard work you put into this community.Sometimes I think it is so easy to work hard on our outer appearance that we forget to work on what is on the “inside”.The beauty products we put on only go so far to give an impression, if we have a lousy attitude.Showing gratitude is one of the wonderful ways we can work on that inner beauty, so I was happy to see that brought up inthis blog as well.Hope everyone is having a great week!“Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend” – Melody Beattie


Thank you for sharing about the gratitude. I’ve also been trying to make an effort (especially when I get down) to focus on the things that I appreciate and am grateful for. It really has helped me to be a little more positive. Memorial Day is a day off for a lot of people and a day of celebration, but for a lot of military members past and present it can be a hard day.I just want to express my gratitude for my fellow veterans and their families out there.Thank you for everything. I know, personally, how hard military service is on everyone involved.


I’m the same!While I’m lucky lately and I don’t get too low … I try my best to lift those up that do. There are many holidays during the year that are difficult but honestly, Memorial Day is one of the most difficult because many of us mourn the MANY and not just those that we know who gave their lives so that we can live our lives with freedom.So I feel your words closely. Gratitude is key.