Week One Update


Hello Co-Creators!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Spring is coming into full swing here in Austin, TX and I am reminded about how precious these fleeting moments of beauty are, as we welcome a new cycle of growth and life. I’ve lived in Texas all my life. And aside from using “y’all” all the time, you wouldn’t know it, because I
don’t have the Texan accent. I love living here, but there are few “magic days” where the air is clean and crisp, the weather is warm but not hot, everything is green, and wildlife is audibly excited at the prospect of creating new life.

Spring just doesn’t last long enough 'round here, and before we know it we’ll be in triple digit weather. All the more important to be mindful of special moments, and pausing to appreciate them. When was the last time you walked out your door on the way somewhere, and were greeted by a truly gorgeous day - and just stopped? Looking up into the sky, you take a deep breath, smile, then have a look around and observe. You smell the scents of your surroundings (are they woody? floral? fresh?.. or maybe even oriental? :slight_smile: :slight_smile: gaze
upon the sights, and experience the gratitude of being alive to witness one of these “magic days” you’ve been given - even if only for a few seconds.

Try it, and see if it doesn’t improve your outlook on the day. While reading over everyone’s contributions to the community these past couple of days, I’d like to express my gratitude to all you who’ve been brave enough to come together as strangers over the internet, and start sharing together. We have a diverse group of people here in our community from all over the US, of different ages, backgrounds, skin types, professions - all unique, yet united. It’s a pleasure to have you all here, and we’re grateful for your participation. Please know that we review every comment, and while we can’t respond to every post, every interaction is valued.

Let’s talk about some data
The body wash poll has officially closed, and we wanted to share the results with you. It’s interesting to see how different Skin Types reported different preferences for body cleansers.

Dry skin types prefer Creamy Body Washes (which tend to be more moisturizing) and Oily skin types prefer Bars (which tend to be more drying). We’ll launch with the Creamy Body Wash. It was pretty clear that almost everyone preferred lather, the more the better. Now, detergents in cleansers create lather (and help get you clean) but can be drying, which brings us to an important question: Can a body wash be too moisturizing?
Look for a new forum discussion to open this week regarding the moisturizing properties of body wash.

We’re seeing some great feedback come through for scents! As everyone can attest, the right smell is like a key which unlocks memories. I passed by a honeysuckle bush over the weekend and it instantly brought me back to summers as a kid.

Requests for Fresh, Citrus, Tropical and Coconut are emerging as the dominating scent themes for the body wash, followed by Oriental, Floral, and Vanilla notes. There’s still plenty of feedback to collect so we’ll keep this open for a couple more days and update you once again on the findings. Check out the new poll which opened today for Scent notes and cast your note. We’ll also be launching a Questionnaire this week to hone in on your scent preferences for the body wash.

For now, I hope this exercise has heightened your senses, and awakened your curiosity to observe, identify, and be grateful. Finally, I have to confess… I just don’t have the patience to wash my hands for a 2 full minutes! Have you actually tried timing yourself? :slight_smile:



I visited my son in Arizona last September & was in total awe of the beauty of that place on a daily basis.The brightly colored stucco homes & buildings had so much personality. The weather was characteristic of some tropical island. I would take walks at night to take in the sights & smells without interruption. Being back in Alabama, I find myself intentionally remembering the beauty of Arizona on days when the weather here is undesirable. Being mindful of what nature provides can have such a positively profound impact on our outlook.


When walking out of my front door the best smell would have to be when it’s raining! I love the smell of a storm, it’s so fresh and clean smelling! I live in a big farming community and the normal smell around here is cows! It’s so nice to get a break from that when it rains! My favorite, most memorable place that I’ve visited is Hawaii! Most amazing sights and smells! It smells like flowers every place I went and the beauty of the beach and those sunsets were the best I’d ever seen! Those experiences will stick with me forever!


Two minutes, huh?I suppose it’s a good thing but not only does it takeseemingly forever, but it can also be drying, depending on the product. I do come close to it at work, since I’m touching people all day.Aside from any kind of skin problems they may forget to tell you about,many of them are wearing lotion, cream, oils. I noticed there are a few body workers and people with hands on jobs in this group andmost would agree that by the end of the day, no matter how much you wash, you do have a combination of scents clinging to you.Moisturing is a pretty prime considerationfor anything we put on ourselves so we can keep scrubbing!


I’m definitely a lot more aware of scents now, especially this morning right before the sun came up. I smelled the green grass andmorning dew. So refreshing!


I love Arizona, too, Cherri!We visited Sedona & Jasper a year and a half ago and fell in love with the place, it has an incredible energy to it.I’ve never been to Hawaii!It’s on the list, very much looking forward to a visit.What an experience to be able to live there.


Wow it’s so cool to see which types of wash each different skin type preferred!I don’t always remember to stop and appreciate when we have a nice day here, I need to do that more. I typically stop and take it all in when I smell fresh cut grass though. For some reason that always catches my attention and I’ll stay outside longer even if I was only going out for a second to do something! It’s a shame the beauty of spring doesn’t last as long as it should, it’s such a beautiful season. I’m so excited about us starting with a creamy body wash! I had picked shower gel, but I do like both equally from what I’ve tried :slight_smile:


I really like how you all broke down the poll. It’s interesting to see how everyone’s preference is affected by their skin type. I like pie charts, LOL!Honeysuckle are in bloom all over my yard and it reminds me of being at Grandma’s house in KY. It always makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. My children will have fun with them too.I have four children so there is a hourglass in the bathroom to time all handwashing and toothbrushing. They HATE it but it gives me a little piece of mind.


Wow, rain! Hadn’t thought of that, but it’s a powerful one.I’m also thinking how about that smell just before it snows. It makes (almost) all other smells disappear.


pretty interesting, people have more in common then they realize.yeah creamy body wash, lots of lather, very relaxing.


I was told to sing the alphabet song in my head and that was the proper amount of time to wash hands, but that was specifically for medical assisting classes and I’m not even sure if that’s actually 2 minutes. I kind of forgot about coconut, which is weird because I love coconut. I don’t know if coconut would go with lavender and orange blossom (which I previously chose as my preferred scents) though.


Wow, i did not expect so many people would choose creamy body wash same as me. I expected it to be 50-50 more of a choice thing.


Thanks for sharing the results of the polls with us. It’s really interesting to see what everyone likes and which choices are most popular. I’m really excited to see what scents will be chosen and what the final product will be like. This is so much fun and I am really enjoying this project.


Love seeing the votes and pie charts! I logged on here using my computer and was able to check out the polls that way. For some reason I cant do that on my phone.


I was surprised by the creamy body wash results. I also found the video about scents interesting. I don’t have the patience to wash my hands for two minutes either.


I can’t seem to find polls on my kindle, but I love creamy body washes.I don’t time myself when I wash my hands, but I double wash them after I change a dirty diaper.hah!


I really love the content and informative readings that have been shared.Scents are so lovely.They can ABSOLUTELY transport you to a memory.I have grown up in South Georgia but my father was military.I was lucky enough as a youth to travel and live in Arizona, Italy, Germany and many more.I did notice that in Europe, the women tend to wear what I would classify as traditional scents.Chanel No.5 comes to mind as it is always a classic.As for me, I currently am back in the south and living in Alabama.The smells of fresh cut grass, wysteria and honeysuckle get to me everytime.As in I can’t walk by either of the flowering plants without stopping for a sniff.I am looking forward to learning and getting more acquainted with the group.Very glad to be here.Oohh, I love creamy body wash as well!!


I an just truly appreciate hearing the way you view and describe things. You have such a beautiful way of describing scents and feelings. Feels like I’m reading stories some times. Thank you for that.


It’s really exciting seeing our feedback come together! Its even more exciting to know that we get to be a part of this. Personally I havent found a creamy body wash that was overly moisturizing. My boyfriend on the other hand says it feels like it doesn’t rinse off lol. He loves his bar soap. To each their own I guess.


Just yesterday my husband and I were riding with the windows down in our Jeep, it was in the afternoon and the sky went from sun shining to a shiny overcast…it was right before it started to storm.It looked like you had just looked through polarized sunglasses…still bright…but yet darker…hoping this makes sense???I noticed the breeze and the leaves on all of the trees looked different, it smelled floraly, grassy, and clean all at the same time.Being in Virginia…seasonl allergy’s have been a killer this season…but yesterday I was not as affected by them…it was beautiful, warm and almost magical.