Week Seven Update


Howdy Co-Creators!

Just a brief recap for this week. You may have noticed we’ve disabled the Chat and Discussion Board widgets from the sidebar. They were seldom used, didn’t provide notifications, and just didn’t seem very useful, so we cleaned things up a bit and removed them. This is the final week for getting your 3 completed body wash questionnaires in, so please do so by Friday the 22nd! And… while you’re at it please take the polls on
most moisturizing and most lathering body wash samples :slight_smile:

Something Achalala11 mentioned last week about purging and getting organized has inspired my closing for this week’s short blog. I have found myself in a constant state of flux with a 7 month old around. Part of these many changes include a steady supply of gifts, clothes, and toys we receive. We’re in a never-ending state of triage as we assess the new stream of goods and prioritize the discharge of things that can go… some of it into plastic tubs as treasures and into the garage, some things in boxes to goodwill, others saved for close friends to hand down to when they have kids. Sometimes it’s difficult to decide what stays and what goes.I
think there’s a part in all of us that wants to save things for a rainy day… you know, just in case we need this again. I’ve found keeping things around like this adds stress to my life: it’s just more stuff to manage and think about in my brain and seldom outweighs any monetary savings or sentimental value. Part of the solution to this is to develop organizational systems so things get put into their proper place. Another part of this is conditioning ourselves to let stuff go.

I’m going to plug a wonderful (and short) book I read a while ago on organizing and getting rid of stuff, which has helped me:

What’s great about this quick read is that she shows you how to give yourself permission to let old material or sentimental things go that have been taking up space in your house, storage unit, and brain. She has a unique approach to decluttering your life and it worked for me (along with nearly 13 thousand other 5 star reviews from Amazon).

Until next time, live wholly, live naturally, live simply.


Get out of my head!!!I was going to bring up this exact book!Easy read with wonderful tips and smart approaches!


Someone in my family has “Pack-Rat-ism,” maybe I’ll recommend this book!


I was wondering what happened to the “Chat” widget.:thinking: I actually thought I had imagined it was ever there. Thank you for clearing that up for me.


I feel like I’ve heard of that book before. I agree that I feel like my life is going better when I keep things tidy. When things get rough though I think it’s fine to let things go until you can get your life back together. Right now I’m in the moving process and in less than 2 weeks I’m going to be a first-time home buyer/owner. It’s very stressful because I enjoy everything being organized and we haven’t finished all of our packing.


I love tidying up. When I lived with my parents, I used to clean out my room so often and it was amazing! It was a tiny room, so it really didn’t have the real estate to hold a lot of stuff anyway. I live with my boyfriend and his dad now, so it’s not exactly in my place to do that anymore (though oh man would I love to just rid this house of so many unnecessary things lol.) I make up for it by constantly cleaning out computer files, my makeup, stuff like that. I went through all my makeup not too long ago and honestly, aside from a few things, I couldn’t even tell you what I got rid of because at the time I didn’t even remember I had them! It felt so good to get rid of some stuff.As for the discussion board and chat, I knew there were things missing in that menu, but I couldn’t tell what lol. Guess that just shows how little I used them!


Man, I’m now inspired to do some summer cleaning myself! Thanks John!


All!I am SO SORRY that I have been MIA!I’ve been in Chicago for HR Certification courses and a four day Conference and my brain has been on overload.I HAVE BEEN vigilant in trying the body washes repeatedly until all the bottles were empty and in my hotel recycle bin.Please know I haven’t been ignoring you messages or comments!I’ve been reading all that I can but have not had time to respond.I’ll be back home in Utah on Friday and will be on a response frenzy!


My partner rejects every attempt to help clean his part of our space!!Maybe this is the book for him.


I have been doing lots of organizing myself lately and purging! I took a clutterbug quiz my friend gave me and that helped me tremendously during this process. http://clutterbug.me/what-clutterbug-are-you-testI realized I was a lady bug so I then went on youtube searching clutterbug ladybug. It turns out the lady who made the quiz is also a lady bug and provided useful tips when purging and organizing. She does also provide videos and tips for the other bugs. So i went through tons of purging and I knew enough that i would never get around to bring this stuff into a place to donate.So anyways I ended up going through a lot and just tossing it into the garbage. I live in an apartment so garage sale wasn’t an option and I just didn’t have the time to post on any sale sites. But now my sister is having a garage sale this weekend so this week I have been extra busy between working and pulling out more stuff from my closets to get rid of. Lady bugs fill their closets because they like their house to look neat and clean lol! I think I missed the whole chat widget. Don’t even recall seeing it. I’ve always kinda just went to the to do list in the upper right each time I came here.


great information!


I tend to hoard makeup and skincare.This post has inspired me to do some tidying up.


Thanks for the information and thanks for the reminder to organize my room for the summer.


I declutter like I do my body detoxifications, regularly and on a schedule. I consider it detoxifying for the soul as it is a very emotionally freeing. Once a year I go through my drawers, storage and closets. The rule for most everyday items is that if I haven’t used it in two years I sell it or donate it.


i donate old after a certain period. i believe somethings can collect and hold negitivity, so i buy brand new to sort of cleanse my home of negitive & replace it with positive. i hope that makes sense. but i enjoyed reading this and i will most definitely look up that book. thank you.


I grew up in a home where my mom collected antiques and we always had stuff stored everywhere.As much as I tried not to, I inherited the pack-rat gene, but in the last few years I have had it with stuff I don’t use.Now I just have to get the husband to let go of some stuff and we will be doing much better (TOOLS lol).It’s easy to let it get out of and while we were never hoarders or anything, we had way too much stuff.We will be selling our home this fall and no way I’m moving stuff I don’t need.


I do seasonal cleaning and rearranging. Im the only person I know that likes to change my home decor and sometimes even furniture pieces based on the seasons. So each season I do a massive cleaning and then rearrange and redecorate. My storage building is almost full just from the last 3 years Ive been doing this. I dont throw much away, I store things that maybe can be used or repurposed later and then what cant be used I take a trip to Goodwill. Would love to read the tips and ideas in this book. Thanks for sharing.


I keep wanting to read this book!I have tried to use her philosophy when cleaning/organizing things and it’s helped me get rid of a ton of stuff.My problem is I have too many things I enjoy/hobbies.We collect vinyl records (like a few hundred at least), movies and I love cooking so my kitchen is stuffed!


This is awesome! I just listened Jordan Peterson on the Aubreu Marcus podcast stressing the importance of cleaning your space. His new book is called 12 Rules For Life: An Antidote to Chaos. It’s definitely on my list.Good stuff!


I was recently doing some “spring cleaning” and getting rid of clothing that I never wear and cleaning out my 5 year old’s toys and clothes that don’t fit and I’ve found doing this every couple of months helps keep the clutter down and it feels really nice when you’ve gotten rid of some of the clutter.