Week Six Update


Hello Co-Creators!

Everyone should have received their body wash samples by this point. Please feel free to use them in any order you wish. We recommend using each sample at least three times to get a feel for the product, before heading over to the Questionnaires to provide your feedback.

As a reminder your body wash feedback questionnaires are due 6/22/2018.

You may have noticed each of the samples are different from each other in terms of type of scent, strength of scent, lather, and moisturization. We encourage you to head on over to the forum to discuss your thoughts on the samples with other Co-Creators! Please don’t be afraid to discuss the bad along with the good. We don’t expect every sample to be a hit, and in these early releases we need to try and figure out what peoples tolerances are for certain things. All we ask is for you to be constructive: the more descriptive feedback you can provide, the better for us to tweak our formulations into something you will love. As I told another Co-Creator, we wouldn’t be on this journey to create something together if we thought we had it all figured out - we’d simply send you finished products for your instagram feed.

If you’re curious about what some examples of great feedback looks like, here’s an early insightful comment from @alpacas :

There was obvious care and thought in the packaging design, very soft and natural colors. The raffia ribbon emphasized a natural, plant based feel to the products. The one drawback was the powerful odor from the tissue paper/paper smelled like money. Not sure if it was just my box or if anyone else noticed it? The samples were a good size. Body Wash 01b is reminiscent of a Shaklee shampoo, it smells like an orange dreamsicle. I wish it were stronger, I had a few people smell and feel my arm and they could barely smell it although it made my skin feel like a baby’s. Decent lather. Body Wash 01c was very cooling. A fun sensory body wash- at first it was so cooling I thought there might be mint in it but it was probably the lavender, then it turned into a warm full-body flush. The scent was strong, it lasted several hours on me (others found it more appealing than 01b). It didn’t really lather but I am going to try it again using a body sponge instead of a wash cloth. Both 01b and 01c left me feeling ultra cleansed, 01a is next to try. Thank you for the opportunity to sample and provide feedback on these developing products! Really an enjoyable experience.

And another one from @ambermc101c

took a lot of to lather up the way i like it. the scent of pine was very strong, i guess it is the aloe barbadensis leaf juice i am smelling. i didn’t smell any hints of lavendar or honey suckle. i can still smell the pine tree scent on me which is good it is long lasting, but it should have a scent to balance out the strong smell of the aloe barbadensis leaf juice, if you are going for earthy an after the rain scent would make this smell like a rainforest, you could try adding petrichor , or you could go for a more sensual fragrance with lotus petal or even jasmine. but it could just need a little more of the lavendar and honey suckle mixed in with it. it worked really good at moisturizing my skin, and making my skin feel really clean. the scent is just to strong. i still need to try the other 2 samples. i hope my opinion doesn’t offend i am just trying to help. some people like stronger fragrances in their body wash so i am not at all saying anything bad about it.

Some conversational forum ideas might include: Which scent did you find most and least appealing?
Were any of them over-powering? Did you feel cleaner with one wash vs another? What did you think of the unboxing experience? Did you have any feedback on the packaging?

After everyone has had an opportunity to try all the samples we’ll reveal a bit more about what was going on with the bottles you got to try.

The polls are in, and the results on how you voted for the Moisturizer Ingredients are below. For your convenience, here are the winners of each category:

Aloe Vera
Hyaluronic Acid
Lavender & Rose

We’ve got some lab folks out for summer vacation, so bear with us for a couple of weeks while we work to get moisturizer samples out to you.

I continue to be impressed and educated by the forum posts so many of you are participating in. With nearly 80 topics and over 2200 posts, there’s a lot of interesting content to browse. If you are a subject matter expert in an area of natural beauty or wellness/lifestyle, and feel like you have something to offer the community, please shoot me an email at co-creators@communitycosmetics.com. I can speak with you about your idea, article, video, etc. and how we might feature your work, we’d love to get more of you involved.

Sending out samples inspires me to challenge each of you to push yourselves outside of your comfort zone this week. You’ve gotta put yourself out there and take some risks in life every now and then
to make things interesting.

Maybe you’ve got something you’ve been thinking about doing, but were afraid to try… a class, that new dating app everyone is talking about, looking for a new job, opening that Etsy store. Regardless of the outcome, you’ll learn something. Failure isn’t trying something and having it not work out the way you hoped it would - that’s a learning opportunity (we call them “going to a seminar” in my family. Some “seminars” are more expensive than others :slight_smile: Failure is choosing to give up when you didn’t get it right the first time. What are you going to try this week?

In the meantime, please enjoy the samples, and as always I’m here if you want to hit me up with any comments or questions.


Love the “going to a seminar” concept! Beento quite a few myself!


I am so excited for my samples! I’m going to try one of them tonight. I’ve definitely been out of my comfort zone lately by going through a yoga teacher training program, and we’re gearing up for our final few weeks, so we all have to teach an hour-long class. I’ve always been so afraid of failure/making mistakes, but I want to push myself with this class to really lead people in an experience that I’m passionate about!


I’ve been really enjoying the samples! 01b is my favorite so far, the scent is just incredible. I’m so excited for the moisturizers too. As for being out of my comfort zone, I actually just got my first “real” (non friends & family) Etsy order! I was so nervous but it went so smoothly and I’m so happy I decided to open a shop! Also, I’m SO happy mango was picked for the moisturizers! One of my all time favorite scents!


I received mine and I was really impressed with the packaging.It reminded me so much of the packaging when I order from Beautylish.Very well done and the paper reminded me of earthy and nature.I have used a couple of the samples and I am incredibly impressed with a few things but a little overwhelmed with the scent of one of them.I’ll give more details in the questionnaire.I am curious to know if any of the ladies that are here have gone through menopause???I know this is a personal question but I feel it necessary to ask because of something wonderful I did experience with body wash…


Like another person commented, I have also been enjoying sample 01b the most so far. It smells so much like dreamsicle, which isn’t a scent I would typically go for, but I have really been enjoying it in the shower. It leaves my skin feeling really clean and does have a decent lather… although a little more would be nice.


I’ve loved the samples so far. I also loved the different consistencies too. The packaging was very simple and eco-friendly.


I am actually trying something very new this week. In the year Ive been in my weight loss journey, I have spent the entire time doing cardio, yoga, pretty much the basics, in order to lose the weight. Now that I am at my final 30 pounds to lose, I have begun the toning process. This has had me terrified! Using weights and core strengthening anf things like that has been very intimidating to me when I watch others. It doesn’t look easy. But here I am starting the journey and Im even more terrified after day 1. This week(my gym weeks begin on Tuesday), I am venturing out into this to make it to my final goal. Overcoming the fear is my main priority and Im hoping it will get easier with each day.


I have started a couple of things this week.1. I made my kids teachers some essential oil roll on blends for an end of the year appreciation gift.I even printed out some pretty labels and made them look fancier.I also put them in a pretty drawstring gift/bag.Kind of like the ones you see jewelry come in.I will have to say these product samples inspired me to pay more attention to all the little details!The other thing I am working on this week is purging!I am trying to get organized and simplify our home and life…we are having a yard sale this weekend (weather permitting). And I hope I will stick with my “don’t need it” attitude so we can get our home more organized, decluttered and functional.


I absolutely loved being able to try these products and provide my feedback. There were things about all of them that I loved and if they were all wrapped into one amazing product with obviously one scent I would for sure buy that product! Thanks so much and I love being able to be such an important part of this community!!!


Everything about the receipt of the samples spoke of excellence. If someone puts obvious thoughtfulness and extra energy into their packaging, I believe I can most assuredly trust the contents within the packaging. And I have an idea of what to expect from the full sized offerings to come. Being excellent in the “small” things speaks volumes and will surely garner loyal customers. I’m honored to be a part of your vision John. Very, very well done!


I was so excited when the samples came. I’ve tried them all already and I’ll be sharing my feedback soon!


I really enjoy getting things in the mail, especially things that are well put together and well packaged. I’m a sucker for packaging and sometimes that encourages me to buy things just as much as the productsthey contain.


My favorite scent from the moisturizing body wash has been 01b,the aromas of orange and vanilla are wonderful!The package invokes a feeling of calm and cute.The printed leaf like border is cute and makes me think about nature and outdoors.The included note foreshadowed what to expect from the bodywashes, certainlyright about the contrast with mainstream products.I did enjoy using healthy oils and being left with soft skin.


So thankful to be a part of this community and have an opportunity to help create things.Thanks so much for the samples and the opportunity!