Week Two Update


Hello Co-Creators!

This week we saw a lot of new activity in the Community. We rolled out a detailed scent questionnaire, started a conversation about how moisturizing your body wash should be, added some new scent-related forum topics, and It looks like most of you have discovered the new Beauty Talk forum, where you can post discussion topics outside of Community Cosmetics threads. It’s great to see most of you getting
comfortable with the platform and engaging with each other.

The Body Wash Scent Questionnaire still has 2 more days before it closes, it will be interesting to see how much this poll and the questionnaire agree.

This Week
Near the end of this week, our lab will be begin formulating the creamy body wash, based on your preferences! It’s looking like a moisturizing fresh scent, but we’ll crunch the data and when it’s all in we’ll share with you the findings and the direction we’re going, for next week’s blog update. In order to keep our product development schedule on track, we’ll also begin the module for our Daily Light Moisturizer! I’ll keep you in suspense for now, but you’ll vote on three different options to choose from, so be sure to look out for that opportunity.

Comedogenicity & Natural Products
There was some surprise in the forums around Mineral Oil & Petrolatum being revealed as non pore clogging, while Coconut & Olive Oil clogs pores, see below:

I wanted to address this in my weekly blog post, as things have a tendency to get buried in the forums. Here’s my straight-talking answer, and it might be an unpopular one: Mineral Oil and Petrolatum are some of the oldest, most extensively tested, effective, and safe cosmetic ingredients on the market. The data proves this. So why is there so much bad press around these products? My opinion: Business. Marketers are using consumers’ ignorance (lack of chemistry understanding) against them to sell competitive products, which in many cases, are “natural”. And we consumers eat it up, because we associate “natural” as safe and good. The irony is, many so-called natural products contain ingredients which are either not natural, or if they are, don’t have sufficient data to support that it’s being used in the proper application. I came across an “article” online raving about the benefits of Coconut Oil yesterday on a natural website with a .org suffix (I won’t name the site), proclaiming how unlike Mineral Oil, Coconut Oil is good for your skin and will help your acne. This is patently absurd: the truth is literally the opposite and it’s not difficult to debunk if you research any reputable scientifically-backed sources. I was yelling at my phone as I was reading the “article”, the advice they were giving was not just wrong, but reckless!

So why am I bashing natural Coconut Oil and praising Mineral Oil… an ingredient Community Cosmetics isn’t using? First of all, I’m not bashing Coconut Oil, I love it, but it’s got to be the right tool for the right job - I eat it, and I won’t put it on my face. I could put it on my legs I suppose, because I don’t have acne-prone legs, but it’s greasy and I think there are better natural alternatives for this application. Note: Fractionated Coconut Oil is not like the kind you get in the grocery store, won’t clog your pores, and is commonly found in quality cosmetic products.

Second, the data supports Mineral Oil is a safe product. Just because we’re making natural products doesn’t mean we’re going to demonize man-made products to sell more of our own. That’s not who we are, we believe in science. We also believe in celebrating the wisdom of nature and embracing the power of botanicals, and can make great products using other emollient ingredients instead of these. Frankly, they’re old school and quite greasy.

I’ll see you in the forums. Until then…Be authentic. Choose to see the good stuff. Leave a little sparkle wherever you go.



i usually don’t use anything on my face that is an oil, but i use it on my body .


I use coconut oil to remove my makeup, but I wash my face aftef using it. I usually use rosehip seed oil or argan oil on my face to moisturize.


Thank you for clearing this up.


I find it amazing how much I can learn from these forums! I’ve heard that Mineral Oil and Petrolatum jellies aren’t that bad for you but it is reassuring that they don’t cause harm. I’m so excited to try some products when they become available.


Thank you for the information! I always stayed clear of coconut oil since I had heard mixed things about it helping/creating acne.I’m glad you’re not using a negative to promote your brand, your brand should be able to speak for itself!I love that and makes me even more excited to try products!


We also might want to consider what it takes energy-wise to produce a particular substance. Even if it’s basically safe, doesobtaining it trash the environment? How much energy does it take to process it and make it usable? Beauty is as beauty does! Let’s try to live lightly on the Earth!


The only reason wo would use coconut oil on my face is to remove my makeup. It removes everything to foundation, to lash glue, to artistic makeup looks I use. It’s cheaper but that’s it. Otherwise it’s used on my body as a nice barrier oil since I have drier body skin.


It’s a real shame companies like taking advantage of their consumers and feed them false information. I used to use coconut oil on my arms because it could supposedly help Keratosis Pilaris (it didn’t…what a shock lol) though it did moisturize well. But like you said, it feels greasy. I never felt like I could wear anything with sleeves without feeling disgusting. My face used to be very oily at the time so I never wanted to put that on my face despite all the good things I heard about it. I’m SO glad I didn’t! I’m sure my skin only would’ve gotten so much worse.I’m so excited for a daily moisturizing lotion!


Thank you for sharing it! I use olive oil to remove extra make up. The antioxidant properties in oil help deepen your pores, leaving your skin looking smoother and healthier.


I have always heard so many great things about using coconut oil on the skin. I have never tried it, I don’t like the feeling of anything greasy on my skin.


@emgie re: SustainabilityGood point!Petroleum jelly is a naturally occurring substance from the earth. Oil rig workers found it helped heal wounds, but there are carcinogenic substances found in the unrefined product, so it does need to be distilled to remove impurities.I’m not familiar with the distillation process used to make this substance, so I can’t comment on its impact on the environment other than it’s technically a fossil fuel, so it’s in limited supply (there are no more dinosaurs) and therefore not sustainable.Fortunately, we’re not burning it as fuel for combustion engines :blush:


Thanks for the info.


I’m so glad we’ve opened up the floor to talking real science in regards to comedogenicity, and not only so that I get practice spelling comedogenicity.I know I said something about mixing sugar with coconut oil to scrub my legs with after I shave them before John came in with that science so here’s my question: what sort of oil could I be mixing with sugar to use on my legs after I shave them?


I have really enjoyed being a part of this community. I’ve learned new things and I enjoy reading everyone’s opinions. I can’t wait to see the products we help create and get to try them out.


OH GEESH, I am a guilty one that has put coconut oil on my face.But it was a few years ago.LOL.I am guilty currently for splurging in hype of the $178.00 bottle of Vintner’s Daughter.My opinion, it is nice and I do love the way it feels on my skin.I do know that I had to back down on the amount and how often I used it because I was noticing some teeny tiny little bumps.HMMMM is that the pore clogging bad stuff???


Interesting information about mineral oil!


Well, there you have it! Thank you for an informed discussion on those oils! *For the Daily Light Moisturizer, would you consider one especially for females that has a shimmering glow?*:hugs:


Shimmering, yes! Done right it looks awake and engaged.


I have NOT put coconut oil on my face…I use it in body lotion bars…but not facial products.My favorite oil for face is Grapeseed oil.It has helped my acne prone skin.Grapeseed oil has astringent properties and is my go-to oil for facial application.