👋 Welcome to Community Cosmetics (Read Me!) Please Introduce Yourself Here :)


I’m from roseburg oregon and yes its awesome to meet different people


Hello to all the beautiful ladies and of course John :sunglasses:. Its been a little while I havnt visit. Hope all are doing great.


Glad to have you back with us!


Hi @Jessica_Slone I apologize for missing this! I would just create a new topic with a pic of your beauty product shelf. It’s always fun to see what products people are using.


Been a little AWOL myself. Hello to all the new folks! :heart_eyes_cat:


Hello everyone!! I’m Tara and I work as a counselor. I love trying new makeup and skincare and sharing the latest trends with friends, family, and on social media.


@counselor1212 Welcome Tara! I hope you enjoy being a part of our community. What kind of counselor are you?


mental health and substance abuse


Thank you! My name is Rachelle and I am from Phoenix, AZ happy to be part of this group!


Hi all, I’m Jeni and I have a slight cosmetic obsession so I see I’m in good company! Love trying new products and sharing my findings with others.


@counselor1212 Cool beans! The type of counselor that’s in great need today, that must be very rewarding work.


Welcome @Ramill, @jenijennjenn, and the rest of the new Community members!:wave:t4: We’re a diverse group, numbers strong and growing, with a common goal, the introduction and permanence of Community Cosmetics in the cosmetics industry. We also trade our knowledge of cosmetic products and practices. Join in the discussions and start a new one if you’re adamant about something you’re using or have used that worked for you. And by all means, if you’ve come across something that was purely hype and didn’t deliver on its promises, warn us of that as well. Glad to have you on board!


Hi, neighbor! I’m in Chandler!


:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I love Chandler and Arizona! Nice to meet you Neighbor :slight_smile:


Hello everyone I’m Tina I’m so glad to be here to help .


Hello All – just joined and looking forward to contributing and doing product tests! Thanks.


Hi! I’m Amanda from Ohio! I’m excited to be here and learn some new things about healthy skincare!!!


Hello Everyone! My name is Rebecca, and I am super excited to be here in this community with all of you.


Thank you. Excited to be here. Looking forward to checking it all out.


Welcome all you newcomers. As a member from the beginning, let me just share with you how exciting this community really is. Everyone is very helpful and this community has the absolute best etiquette of any group Ive ever been a part of. So many great articles and information is at your fingertips. Look around and read some of the talk topics. I still learn something fascinating every day! I hope you all will enjoy this experience as much as I have and contribute to discussions. We each have tips and tricks and experiences to bring to the table. Warm wishes!