👋 Welcome to Community Cosmetics (Read Me!) Please Introduce Yourself Here :)


@counselor1212 Sounds like good work! Welcome, come on in!


Tina_Kelly2011 New starts are hard but worth it. Hope yours is going well. Come in, it’s a good group!:smiley_cat:


Lots of new folks. Excellent! I think you’ll like it here! :smiley_cat:


Hi yall! Melissa here, joining from Boise, ID. Anyone else in the great state of Idaho?


Welcome to the Community Cosmetics family @Melissa_Levick!:wave:t4:


Welcome to the Community Melissa!


Hi Everyone! Im Cali. Looking forward to the New Year and being more active in this community. Still trying to figure out how to properly navigate this forum.


Welcome to the Community Cosmetics family @calicoo123!:wave:t4:
The website is pretty involved, but if you get lost you can use the search option.


Thank you. It’s a completely different format than other communities I am in.


Hello John, and everyone I just became a member and looking very much forward to testing new products and sharing my reviews witj social medias.


Welcome @Nancy_Epps6977!:wave:t4: I hope you jump right in and get your feet wet in the plethora of information and conversations going on within the community!!


Hello all, my name is Marcia and I am over the moon excited to be part of this group!!


Hi my name is Angela, I am 43 year’s old and the mother to an amazing 5 year old son.

Skin care has alway’s been a priority and even more so now. I truly believe we can slow down and even reverse the signs of aging with a good skin care regimen and the right product’s.


Hello everyone. My name is Raqueta,I’m 35 wife and mom currently in lpn school. From Illinois. I’m a beauty brand ambassador and makeup lover, well I love all things beauty.


Hello, my name is Miki and I’m thrilled to be here.:heart:


I am excited of being part of this community… I wanna enchance my beauty and helping give info and feed back on testing the products and giving reviews… I am looking forward in finding the right items to help with my skin and to be more fablous when I go out each day…


Hi everybody :blush:
My name is Claudia


Hello everybody!!! Thank you all for having me!!!


looking fore word to trying new products, soon I hope, thank you


Hi thanks for the invite to this community looking forward to giving my absolute best insight.