👋 Welcome to Community Cosmetics (Read Me!) Please Introduce Yourself Here :)


WELCOME to all the new members! It will be amazing to have fresh faces and words coming from all of you! The more the merrier!


Welcome, NY! Enjoy the group, lots to learn, lots to share!


Hello thank you for adding me John my name is Nivea wife, mother product reviewer/ tester I am getting familiar with the community and how to use the features


Welcome Nivea, we’re thrilled to have you, thank you for introducing yourself!


Hi everyone :slight_smile:

I am a bit late, but just wanted to say welcome to all the new members.


Ty. I’m anything but shy. I intend to have fun.thanks for having me


Hi I’m Patricia a 51 year old wife 34 years the great man have five grandchildren 2 I’m raising with my husband, a four year old boy and 8 year old girl. I’m excited to be a part of this community and look forward to learning more about natural skin care to share with them.


:grinning: Excited to be here. Can’t wait to explore and join in.


I missed saying “Hi” to few of you who’ve come in recently. It’s an interesting group, lots to learn, think about. Have fun! :sparkler:


:blush: Thank you. Excited to be here.


There’s no reason to concentrate on a few difficult to define groups, but I think it becomes increasingly important to hear what people are saying and to see if there are directions people seem to want to go in and those in which they’re not as interested. It plays to everyone’s strength. As far as niches go, I’m somewhat of a born outlier, but even niches have some foundation. You don’t have to follow signs, but why not at least see what they say? Questions are good stuff! Re: men as participants or clients… Men have unfortunately been steered away from personal care, including grooming products. The unisex aspect that seems to apply to at least some of the CC products is great, I suspect most men will come to them through female family and friends until they get a little more used to shopping for products other than toothpaste and aftershave. It spares them having to run down a clerk to ask questions many of them aren’t used to formulating! Come on in, guys, the water’s not just fine, it’s positively hydrating! :sunglasses:


Hi my name is Laura and am out of work right now, but looking. Love trying new things.


Hello to all,

I’m from Houston, Texas. Mother to 3 amazing boys and wife to an awesomely dorky husband. We have 4 fur babies and our new family motto is live and make meories.


My names Mary. Glad to be here! I habe a 5 year old granddaughter and my 31 yr old daughter as roommates. Life’s busy!


Howdy :cowboy_hat_face: fellow Texan. Just discovered there’s no emoji for Texas. That’s a problem.


Thanks for having me! My name is Angie and I can’t wait for all the fun and working with y’all!


Hi yall. I am Amanda from Kentucky. I am really into skin care products because I am at the stage in life I am still worried about blemishes but I need to start using anti aging as I am 32. So I love to educate myself in products to find what works best for me.



I’m Elizabeth. I’m excited about being a part of this community.


Welcome new peeps! You’re gonna love all of the great content and support from all of the users. I particularly, have never had anyone to reach out to for skin care questions (other than Google), so this is a welcoming place for all topics. Shout out to my fellow Texans!


Hello everyone. I have never been a part of anything in this caliber before, but I’m very eager to get involved. In college I was a great team player and I eager to learn new things. I look forward to working with one and all :blush::blush:.