👋 Welcome to Community Cosmetics (Read Me!) Please Introduce Yourself Here :)


I’m from Kentucky USA and it’s nice to meet ya !


Come on in, Kentucky! :cat:


Hi everyone! I’m Nadia and love everything skincare/ cosmetics/ and just beauty in general! I found this community through one of the groups that I’m in on Facebook and decided to come check it out. I like what I see so far and look forward to participating and getting to know all of you!


Welcome this a great community of people, and you get to try new things and have great conversations, chime in on anything you want I look forward to having you involved in our conversation.


Welcome @Destyned and all other new comers to the community!:wave:t4: Come out and play!:blush: @John says our numbers have and are increasing, but many of you have yet to make an appearance.:eyes: Please join in on the conversations by commenting. That’s how we make our presence known and get to know one another.
If there’s a beauty or body product or regimen you’re adamant about, share it with us by starting a new post. If you’ve tried some products that gave you phenomenal results and you have before and after photos, share with us! Even if you don’t have pictures, tell us about your experience.
I’m looking forward to getting to know you!


Yes, noticed several of you being just a tad timid, including at least one brave guy. Come on in, friendly honest group seeking similar individuals, you’ll learn a lot, but you’ll also meet and share with good people on our little island ! :cat:


Hey everyone my name is Christina I am 26 and a product reviewer and I look forward to chatting with everyone and learning about new products!


Hi to everyone that is new!! My name is Lauryn and I have been a member for a little while now. I love reading everyone’s posts input whenever I have questions about certain things. (face, hair, skin, eyes, ect.) We are here to help one another so giving your honest opinions and advice about things is so great. I personally had a problem with very dry skin on my face and with the help of Community Cosmetics members, I’ve explored options that I had no idea about and can happily say that my dry skin is getting better! Continue all the chit chat, it’s so useful!


@Laurynmarie143 Yes, hi, this is a good group with very varied information and tastes. Come on in!:cat:


hello my name is cathy. nice to meet everyone. i have read a few articles on here and so far i like. it has been very educational and interesting.


I just joined today. I’m so excited to be a part of this community and to be able to test one of the major problems I’ve tried over the years to fix on my own with multiple ointments and creams. I think what I’m going to love the most is being able to see other people’s feedback with products as well as what I am using.


Hi. Newbie here. Trying to figure out the website.


Thanks for having me here hopefully I will learn alot


Some of us did. John was a pussycat about helping me, as I was really frustrated. Let him help you, too! :cat:


Im a fellow Washingtonian! Idk why, but for me it’s always so refreshing and comforting to meet another person who comes from where you come from.
Its a pleasure to meet you @Sara_Hardin and everyone else here as well! Im really excited to be a part of this!


@Jessica_Slone whats one of your major issues you are having? this site is amazing and i have found that other peoples feedback really does open up more options to whatever problem/questions ive had! so glad youre here with us and cant wait to hear from you


My main problem is under eye baggage. I’ve tried so many products. Most expensive products have been trial or sample sizes so I’m not sure if it just didn’t work or I didn’t give it enough time to work because it wasn’t full sized. Another thing I have to keep in mind in asking for opinions is that every person has their own body makeup and what works for them amazingly might not be the same for me. And I try not to shy away from drugstore products. Just because it’s cheap doesn’t mean it won’t work. Here are a few products I’m using right now that I’ve had great results with as far as skin products.

I just want to say the Loreal cream, Natures Bounty beauty pellets, Cetaphil cream, and Natrol gummies I’ve had results of better skin but I’ve tried all of these at the same time. My mistake was not trying one at a time. So possibly some of these might not be as great as others and I wouldn’t know now unless I stop and try one at a time. The Boudreaux’s butt paste is great for bags but it is messy and I hate doing it every night. and the Makeup Essentials primer leaves my face smooth as a baby’s behind.


I also want to ask the community if anyone has tried this product I found at a dollar store…


@Jessica_Slone love seeing your regimen, thanks so much for sharing! I’ve been thinking of doing a “shelfie” topic post for a long time, would you like to kick this off for us? Looks like you’re off to a good start!


Awesome…I will. Does that involve a pic? And products previously used? What is your thoughts on this?