What are the best products out for sensitive skin on the market today


being as most products that have worked very well, keep getting discontinued, i was wondering what the best sensitive skin products ranging from hair, body, face, and even laundry detergent, that are out today. does anybody have any recommendations. my 3 year old has to use sensitive skin products, i thought he would grow out of this as he got older, but he hasn’t, and if i slip up and get something with light scents including lavendar he breaks out in a rash.but when i purchased the products that have caused him to break out in rash it says for sensitive skin , and states fragrance free, and i discover later after reading it, of course after i bought it, it contained lavendar , aloe and/ or chamomile. 3 fragrances that i wouldn’t expect to cause him irritation but at least one of them do, i am not sure which or if it is all 3.


I’ve always used All Free and Clear. And if you haven’t tried switching to natural brands and products like Mrs. Meyer I would try that too.


I had some Persil detergent that I loved, but Arm & Hammer is cheaper and works fine, no sensitivity aggravated. Just make sure you get the dye and scent free.
I’ve done well for everyone with Method, also. Just bought 7th Generation dish soap, not so much worried about skin reactions, as much as those count big time, but the reasoning is, we seldom gett all residue off things and we’re eating off these plates.


I’ve also tried the All free and clear detergent and loved it. It made my towels so soft.


all free and clear doesn’t work for him i have tried that, but i will look into mrs.meyer.


yeah i have heard a lot of good things about seventh generation


I can’t attest to the purity of the ingredients, but when my son was a baby with eczema, I washed his clothes in Dreft or Ivory Snow.


i have seen dreft, and just passed it by, does it work on getting stains out real good?


I actually don’t remember my son’s clothes having any stains so I can’t attest to how it would clean stains.


They just discontinued the detergent that I normally use All Powercore with Oxi


i don’t like when i find a product and it works so perfect for me, and/ or my children and then out of nowhere they discontinue it and then i am left scrambling to find a good enough replacement :frowning:


My skin is pretty tough so I’m no sure I can recommend of say I use anything targeted toward sensitive skin.


Not an issue for me.
Wish I could help.


Lots of products, from household cleansers to cosmetics, push part of their line as hypoallergenic or for those with sensitivities. A. Why duplicate products, ie why have a sensitive and non-sensitive product line when clearly the more people can use a single product the stronger the company and the more cost-effective their production.? B. CC is being so careful regarding ingredients used, that the likelihood is that these products are naturally hypoallergenic and safe for sensitive skin. There will always be someone who has a reaction to even the least tampered with ingredient (breaks out from strawberries, grapefruit oil makes you itch?) but by and large John’s products are hypoallergenic and appropriate for sensitive skin, eyes, etc. Sometimes you have to tell people what it is you just told them. Maybe we need to tell them these products are so natural that they are in almost every case hypoallergenic and great for people with sensitivities to more commonly used ingredients. Just saying! :cat::herb: