What diet are you on?


We’ve been going low carb, very low sugar, and high fat with moderate protein.
Sort of our own version of a realistic (for us) Paleo and Keto diet. Cutting the carbs is really difficult, they are incredibly addictive.
I did a bunch of research and consulted with a nutritionist as well as several MDs before making this decision, which I believe is healthy.What have you tried, and do you have a nutritional lifestyle you’re currently following?


I’m bad I can’t stay on a diet plan. i just try to eat things in moderation. I also try to include multiple veggies into a meal as well.


Veggies and moderation are very important, good for you!
I can’t say I excel in either of these areas.


I don’t often either but i’m getting better at it. I’m trying to make easy meals like stir-fries or other easy to make dishes.


I’m on the “Seefood Diet”, LOL everything I see I eat.
Just kidding…
I am currently struggling with some extra pounds from menopause and from a medication that I take.
I am trying to just cut back on so much junk food and extra sugar.


For the past 4 years I have been fortunate enough to be able to maintain a healthy weight.
I began eating small meals/snacks thought the
day…every 3 hours I eat something… Doing this has caused my metabolism to speed up.
Years prior I have yo+yo’d in weight…pretty much my whole life.
Tried all sorts of diets.
I did try the ketogenic diet and lost weight…but I was also very irritable and cranky to put it nicely.

It was too hard for me to stick to for an extended amount of time.
Of course once I stopped keto…I gained all the weight of lost right back.

The key really is a lifestyle change.
The small multiple meals at 3 hour intervals has been the only diet to ever work for me that I could stick to.


i’ve lost 35lbs since last June. My biggest change has not been diet, but leaving an extremely stressful situation that was taking its toll on every aspect of my health.
Being happier has lead to taking better care of myself, not eating as much crap & and good old fashion emotional eating. I am not focusing on a particular diet, but I am incorporating the mindfulness techniques I’ve learned the past two years to keep me on track.


i am not on a diet. but i am switching to fruit for breakfast for my children. i heard it is healthier


I don’t eat gluten because I have an intolerance, I rarely eat beef because it’s harder for my body to digest. I stay away from corn syrup and high fructose corn syrup because my body has a hard time with that. I’m also lactose intolerant. I’m not sure I’d call it a diet because it’s has to be permanent.


I’m not currently on any particular diet, but at some point I’d really like to be on a more natural diet. I already love fruits and vegetables, but my current living situation doesn’t quite agree with it and I’m not the one doing the grocery shopping lol. In the past I’ve tried really crappy “diets.” I’d have a Special K meal replacement shake in the morning, either skip lunch or have another meal replacement, and I’d religiously measure out everything and and count calories at dinner. I’ve come a long way since that and I hope to be even better soon!


Good for you!!!


I’m currently not dieting but I am vegan. Carbs and sweets will always be hard for me to give up.


I love my carbs and sweets as well.
I’m not on any particular diet, like many of the previous commenters. I love fruits and vegetables and I don’t eat meat. I just try to eat in moderation and limit my intake of candy and sweets. I have a big sweet tooth, but I’m doing much better with it.


A little over a year ago, I began a low starch diet to see if it would help with inflammation.
Over the course of the year, I have added some foods back in but I still avoid grains and eat minimal amounts of sugar.
I do have muffins for breakfast made from almond or coconut flour that are sweetened with honey or maple syrup, so I do have sugar there.
I never thought I would stay on a diet so long, but it has actually just become my lifestyle now.
I don’t even think of it as a diet.


I’ve been trying to to stay low carb, but every now and then something is too good to pass on. My biggest opponent is time.
Between trying to stay no preservative, organic when possible , neuro-supportive, gluten free (actual sensitivity) and following my husband’s dietary needs, while getting home very late most nights, every time I come up with a meal that fits all that and doesn’t take too long to make, I feel like I’ve scored a major victory! I usually cook like crazy two days that I’m home, in between all the other stuff and tease that into actual meals for the week. When it works,
it works really well. When it doesn’t, we just try
to enjoy the workaround.


I have lost 80 pounds since last year and I wouldn’t say I did it by diet. I began with portion control and changing the types of foods I ate. Snacks were a big thing for me so I changed the unhealthy snacks to fruits and nuts and yogurts. I did, for about 6 months when I began using a gym, rely on protein shakes and meal replacement bars which was the biggest part of my weight loss. When I cut out cooking with any type of grease that was the biggest change for me and now my grill sees more action than my oven.




I’m not on a diet, but I do avoid certain things: no pork, no beef, no shellfish. I devour vegetables and fruits. And I don’t eat after 7 p.m., but 95% of the time I have my last meal before 6 p.m.


I try not to think in terms of weight loss since I kicked my anorexia a couple years ago,
but I am trying to eat more foods that help my body feel better, so fruits and veggies are my favorite, I’m about to go pick up some peaches to grill, I’m trying to lay off the processed food, since I ate so much of it during school (fast/cheap).
I have been drinking tea instead of coffee lattes to reduce dairy and acid in my belly.
I don’t really hold back on eating carbs, but I am working on finding more whole grain options.


We’ve been paleo since December