What does your fantasy summer body wash smell like?


Make sure you’re read the post on
how to identify and
describe scents
before commenting on this post.Using the fragrance wheels as a guide:Using Edward’s wheel, is there a general scent note category (ex:
or combination of notes (ex: Floral+Fresh)
you would prefer for your refreshing body wash?
Now, why do you prefer that?
Getting into more detail, are there
individual scents or scent combos
you know and love, that you would like to identify in your wash… such as lavender, rose, mint, orange, clove…?
The Chemia wheel might help give you some more concrete examples to consider, but don’t feel limited to just these.

What are these scents?
How do they make you feel?Not sure where to start?
Think of your go-to cleanser as inspiration.One of the take-aways from the discussion board was that many of you use multiple body washes depending on your mood or occasion.
Consider your answers here to be for
a daily, summertime wash.



For a summer wash, I like fresh and lively scents. I think the base should start with citrus notes: I am personally love bergamot the most of all citrus but find it a bit warm for summer so I recommend the scent of fresh, juicy clementines for the citrus base. Combine that base with the scent of plump berries and crisp pears. That is summer and freshness to me.


I prefer citrus scented body washes year round. I mostly take showers in the morning, and the citrus scents help me to wake up! Orange, pineapple, mango… mixed with some coconut or ginger for a tropical feel would be ideal for summer.


so i absolutely love bergamot as a summer scent! it manages to have that citrus scent without being totally overwhelming and in your face. i’m definitely looking for something light when it comes to summer scents. but i also love most of the stuff that the wheel identifies as oriental, and i think i like the combo of bergamot &amp: a light oriental note. i love when scents are a little wild, evoking the feeling of being lost in a field… and i don’t like very sweet scents!


honeysuckle, and either lotus petal or bamboo.
it has a summer in florida type of scent, floral and relaxing, not to strong, and just the right amount of sweet.


or jasmine and pineapple
sexy, tropical, and sweet scent


I really love most scents, I’m not too picky, but I do especially love vanilla and fruity scents like mango! Tropical scents are very refreshing to me and always make me feel really clean. I think they smell a little stronger too and the scent lingers longer. I like vanilla for relaxing and and feeling very calm after a shower. I still feel very clean, but the scent is just a bit gentler.


To get into the summer mood I’ve always been all about tropical scents. Mango, Coconut, and pineapple instantly bring me to a tropical island beach sanctuary. Immediately am taken away to life on the beach with a tropical drink in hand. Immediately puts me in a good mood and is extremely refreshing.Coconut Lime Verbena is also similarly pleasing.
You cannot smell any of these combinations without instantly thinking of summer, sun, the beach and the tropics.


For summer, I generally like to switch to a lighter scent. Something like a mojito scent would be awesome! Combining some fresh minty notes with citrusy lime and a hint of sweet sugar and oak to round it out.


I am pretty versatile with my scents. I think for summer though, I like a citrus or fruit scent. Maybe even
aquatic notes. Makes me think of that episode in Seinfeld (showing some age here LOL) where Calvin Klein creates the Beach perfume. I’ve always wanted to know what that smelled like as a perfume. But, seriously, I think a citrus-y orange honeysuckle or tropical fruity scent like mango strawberry-yum!-would be my choice for summer. I always seem to lean towards bright scents.


I love fresh and fruity scents, especially for summer. Coconut is my absolute favorite. Tropical scents automatically make me think of summer and going to the beach. When I was younger, my family would go to Florida every summer. The smell of coconut, tanning oils, sweet juicy fruits, and the beach are the perfect scents for summer in my opinion. I always look for a fresh, tropical scented wash in the summer because it just makes me feel so refreshed and happy.


My go to summer body wash scent is in the Fresh Notes categories! Coconut and aquatic scents are the best! They remind me of “fun in the sun” summer days spent at the beach! They have a very clean and refreshing aroma as well! The scent of my body wash does change with different seasons though. In winter I prefer more of an Oriental smell. But summertime I’m all about that fresh coconut scent!


My go to summer body wash is Lush’s Dirty Spring wash… its got spearmint and aquatic notes. The menthol in it helps cool your skin off. It’s just lovely. It would be nice to try one with honeysuckle or jasmine notes :heart_eyes:


I love tropical smells, the flowers, coconut oil,
it brings me summer in the winter while in my shower, I also like musk, and woodsy smells ,both are very refreshing


In the summer, I like a really fresh, outdoorsy smell. Smells like Water, Green, Mossy Woods, and Aromatics in perfect combos really appeal to me. Notes of citrus, especially bergamont, really appeal to me as well.


I love Citrus and Tropical scents. Anything that has a combination of orange, lime or mango. I also like some that have an addition of ginger or mint as well.


For summer I would try a ginger with lemongrass or lemon blossoms.
Another one I would be excited to try would be a Jasmine, ylang ylang and cedarwood.
I have essential oils and always found those combination blissful and lively!


For a summer body wash my favorite would be something fruity on the topical side with a touch of coconut adding floral soft sweet side of Jasmin and a hint of vanilla.
This combination would be the perfect scent as if walking through a beautiful tropical garden with a pina colada in your hand and the warmth of a soft vanilla.


Wild strawberry and light, woodsy, earthy scents, for sure, especially if you shower in the morning. I think these would keep you in touch with yourself all day.A green tea/citrus combination would feel luxuriously wakeful. I love spice scents, but in the warm weather, these might be better for soaking at night.


I prefer almost anything lavender and chamomile. Two I like are bath and body works aromatherapy lavender and chamomile and aveeno lavender and chamomile ylang ylang. This helps me relax and is a light scent.