What Eye Creams do you want to see tested?



Dr Michelle Copeland eye rewind

There’s another but I’ll find it later when I’m not at work lol

Edit: Charlotte tilsbury!

IS Clinical


I love this brand! I’ve seen real results with other products from this line, I have yet to try the revival eye cream which has amazing reviews.



This sounds really interesting. It has caffeine and ginseng in the ingredients.


I would love to try a an eye product that reduces fine lines and wrinkles and one that takes away bags under your eyes ! Thank u , Lori H , Pittston PA


I’d like to try something from Olay. They have a few different eye creams, and I’d be interested in trying any one of them!


I read and have tried a lot of eye creams, gels and serums…but, I read and did a lot of research about “Snake Venom” as an additive to eye care & would love to try this “Snake Venom Face Cream - Peptide Serum for Wrinkles, Fine Lines, Rosacea & Uneven Tone - Best All In One Anti-Aging” by “VENIN ROYALE”. SO far I have read a lot of positive results.



I’m willing to try any that will help my puffy / droopy eyes, aging / dry skin with wrinkles and fine lines. I have found some that look interesting. I will post them or a link to them for others to check out. Thanks!

Here’s one called XYZ Smart Collagen

xyz-smart-collagen [https://xyzcollagen.com/?


Another one I would like to Eyevage. It has several outstanding reviews, and if it works this good, then I need it lol.

EYEVAGE-zoom https://www.solvaderm.com/eyevage.html?source=CHD/Eyevage/B/eye-reviver


Needles no more NO MORE BAGGAGE.
Shiseido future solutions LX eye and lip contouring regenerating cream.


Here’s the rest:

L’oreal Revitalift Eye Cream

L’Oreal Revitalift Eye Cream

** Oxytoxin Type-II **
oxytoxin-type-ii Oxytoxin Type-II

Bloom Skin Care Rejuvenation Eye Potion
f9383a_9de35ca957e94302bbeff19187f7850b_mv2_d_1584_1872_s_2 Bloom Skin Care Rejuvenating Eye Cream

Doremiel Organiecs Organic Honey Anti-Age Eye Moisturizer

I could always find more, but I better start getting around for my great nieces birthday party. I hope you all enjoy your evening!


Oh please, something to help with my ever present dark circles!


I would love something specific for dark circles and eye puffiness. I still haven’t found many I love




I’d love to try the Neutrogena Rapid Dark Circle Repair Eye Cream. Please help me get rid of these dark circles!!!



Something for dark under eye circles. I’ve tried so many products and have gotten some results but nowhere near as what I would like. Unfortunately I’ve heard if it’s genetic nothing may help. Nobody in my family has the problem as bad as I do, but guess that doesn’t really mean much.


Ooh, this could be fun! I can think of a few that I’d love to test:



This sounds like a good one. It is supposed to tackle the major signs of aging. I haven’t found one that will help my dark circles yet. I have had them since I was a child and they are worse now.


Sephora Drunk Elephant
I’ve been hearing a lot of buzz online about a brand called Drunk Elephant. I’d love to try one of their face or eye creams.


Oh, I like Drunk Elephant products but haven’t tried their eye cream… yet! That’s on my list :+1:t2:


I’d love to try something that effectively works to treat current issues, as well as prevent future aging. I would certainly love to try something that is more natural, but am not completely closed off to products that are efficient. Biossance and Drunk Elephant have both caught my eye.