What Eye Creams do you want to see tested?


After doing more research, I’m going to suggest two eye products from EmerginC, Hyper-Vitalizer Eye Cream and EmerginC Vitamin C Eye Serum. They contain potent ingredients.



I switch back and forth between several brands. It’s tricky for me because I have oily skin, rosacea and starting to get fine lines. I need redness reduction and I need it to be moisturizing without leaving my skin oily.


I’ve tried a bunch of different eye creams. The one I used to love was from Estee Edit before they ended that line. Right now, I’d love to try the Dr. Brandt Needles No More version.


I am new to anti under eye fine lines. I would like to try something from Oil of Olay. My Grandma swore by two products, Charles of the Ritz and Oil of Olay. She made me promise her when I was a little girl not to forget.


Ooh, I agree with you on that one.


I have now tried Channel Eye Cream which burned. Tried Clinique - did not do much. Tried some other ones but was not impressed. I always heard great stuff about La Mer. Would love to try it.


I’d be interested in seeing how this works. I want it but man that price tag


Yes !!! I fully agree with this one!


This is a K beauty brand.


I also like





Something that helps reduce or completely get rid of the puffiness & also dark circles.


This sounds great and for that price it sure better be :tipping_hand_woman:


Is it just me or is anyone else a little overwhelmed reading all of the responses here? I know I am not the most informed when it comes to skincare products but I had no idea there were so many brands and different options out there! It’s like we are all guinea pigs! :grin:


Wow so many eye creams to choose. I dont really have one in mind but if I am looking for an eye cream, I definitely need one that would help with my dark circles. The lack of sleep after having a baby is no joke, except it’s not the baby, it’s just me wanting more me time.


It’s a problem. Soooo many options, so much money, so many bogus reviews, so many different types of skin and issues. Gotta be a better way :wink:


I would love to try the fresh eye cream



I would love to use some eye creams that gets rid of the saggy bags under eyes. Along with the fine lines around it. Something to firm everything up.


I agree with the derma-e, and the amazon no more baggage!

Others have already posted links to them so i figured I didn’t need to.


I know we’re all interested in the differences between high and low end products, but another major point when choosing a new product, and especially due to the CC mission, would be natural vs mainstream of any kind. Any way to work that in?:thinking:


GREAT concept for a follow up Face-Off!