What Eye Creams do you want to see tested?


Agreed! Overwhelming. That’s why I started focusing my research on effective ingredients only. EmerginC seems to have them.

Yes! I’m totally on board with that! A natural product on one side of the face vs a mainstream product on the other side of the face.


This looks like fun:


I’m not sure yet. I’m new at a young 50, just started learning about and doing skincare. I’m excited to be part of this community and hope to be able to try some eye cream that will help me look younger. I do like the way I look now, but a good pamper routine for self care is much needed. Thank you.




Would love to try anything that will help, I’m open to suggestions.




I love this company but yet to try the eye cream.



Drunk Elephant has great products! I have not tried this yet but would love to see the results.


Le Lift Creme Yeux by Chanel.



According to the article, this is the reason for the price, “Part of the what you’re paying for is all the research that goes into maintaining what he calls the “sensorics” of the product, a.k.a. how it feels.” With all that scientific research going on, it’s kind of funny that the man pushing the product uses a made up word to establish his claims to sell the product. The author liked the results, but thought it was rather expensive. I agree. I would put this in the Snob Section of the Cosmetics department.:money_mouth_face:


@Littlemissneonlights Hope it works, sounds delicious! :cat:


I know a home recipe that works great for dark undereyes you need instant coffee and pure honey mix it together and make one round patty cut in half put each half one on each eye leave 30 minutes and they are gone it’s really some good stuff I found the recipe on the net and it works


Elemis has some nice ones, so does sekkisei


I have always wondered why all these creams and lotions have to cost so much! People pay huge price tags for anything to make themselves look younger…and I am extremely guilty of that myself. Amazon has a product for 10 bucks with over 2000 positive reviews. Its called “THE TREE OF LIFE RETINOL SERUM” It would be nice to put it to the test with a costly version and see what happens. Agree?



Unfortunately, it’s highly probable that the positive reviews are not genuine and were only given in exchange for free product.


Alot of companies have been guilty that here lately, I understand they want to sell their products but why not just tell the truth. Also isn’t that considered false advertising or eluding your customers?


Yes ma’am on all counts. Your assessment makes sense, but wouldn’t make them money. But wouldn’t it be cool if all companies actually encouraged their customers to give honest feedback so they could take that feedback to make a better product. This course of action would actually allow them to prosper financially because they would end up with a product that people have helped create that will actually sell. Hmmm, sounds like CC.


That’s why I love this community because I can trust the reviews given. I love CC


i would like something that targets loose skin and wrinkles ,i have tried a few things and just given up waste of money