What Eye Creams do you want to see tested?


This sounds like a great before and after post for anyone who wants to try. We can get the community to vote on whether or not this DIY solution to dark under eye circles really works :slight_smile:


I’ll do it I said I’ll prove it can I upload a video as long as it’s a .jpg file or something like that


Send me a private message or email me and we’ll get a video uploaded in it’s own private thread. Exciting!


Okay sure will I know I really want you to see how well it works it shocked me…


I have really heavy eyefolds(eyelids) and you can hardly see my eyes … so I would like something to help that if there is a product that you make that does that.
I also have bouts with black heads… which is unusual (at least I thought so because I am 56 years old). I am getting lines and creases everywhere too… Would be nice to find something that takes care of those… or at least makes them less noticeable and maybe something to help even out my skin color. Thank you for asking and I hope I can be one of the ones who gets to try your product ^ ^. Have a nice weekend everyone <3


I would be happy to try anything.


Something for wrinkles and moisturizing


One that smooths wrinkles, helps with bags and lightens skin spots and any redness


could be fake/paid reviews. I actually got this exact product in the last month for under a buck with a coupon code. Was so cheap I didn’t bother looking it up till after and decided to not even bother with it after just researching one of the ingredients. I don’t even recall which ingredient is what off the top of my head.

Another tip with amazon put the product link into this website. The site does give it an A grade but if you read closely they’ve had over 1000 reviews deleted.



Whichever brands are chosen I think it would be interesting to compare a high end to a cheaper 10-15 dollar one.


I came across this article this week and found it really interesting on eye creams. they say it’s a clever marketing scam and you might as well just use your moisturizer as eye cream.


Something for age spots an discoloration… I’m a diabetic and my scars turn a ugly dark color. I’ve yet to really find a face cream to help with the discoloration of my skin.


I would love one for wrinkles and aging skin.


I like to eye creams that help get rid of dark circles, lines and wrinkles in one product like, Olay, LOreal and high end brands.


Any eye cream that will help eye bags, crows feet, lines/wrinkles, that i could benefit from!


^ Both of these I have really been wanting to try. They both contain great concentrations of black tea which is very beneficial for the delicate under eye area.

^ Also these are on the top my list for trying as well. Probiotic and botanical make the product seem good quality making them even more intriguing.


I would love to try either one of these :grinning:





Vanessa your very knowledgeable could you message me I have some questions for you. And Im a CALI girl too, thats where half my wrinkles came from lol as a teenager and in m yearly 20s on the beach, thats after the tanning bed… what was I thinking oh wait I wasn’t lol… thanks


oooh Ya I have heard lots of good stuff about that to, i would definitely want to try that.


So John, Emgie, Freedom, Kimb2012, I really really love the face off eye cream idea of natural vs mainstream, as we all just say the variety just gave me a headache lol, and 800 $ for eye cream?? it better rub my feet, give me a pedicure and facial as well, thanks Freedom for looking that up crazy, price tag and the list goes on and on, thats just eye cream!! thats not serums, toners moisturizers, .any way its very overwhelming but I love that Idea John and all o\f you who kind of just thought if up and no matter what it turns aut to be I can clearly see it will be a collaboration and thats pretty awesome… And welcome I AM STACY , I to am new to the community . So I was supposed to go bed like an hour ago. hahahaha now I really am good night every body!!!