What Eye Creams do you want to see tested?






Lancome, Philosophy, Loreal, Olay. Organic vs mainstream. Drugstore vs Department Store.


I want to try this one too.


I’m waiting to try but I do need something for my bags,lines and my black under my eyes…


I’d like to see this one as well! I’ve recently starting trying more Fresh products and have really enjoyed everything I’ve tried so far.


I would love to try this as well.


I would love to see the Perricone MD Essential FX Smoothing and Brightening under-eye cream and the Tatcha Ageless Revitalizing Eye cream.


I would like to test out “Meaningful Beauty,” the beauty line by Cindy Crawford. I would like to try anything at this point… Something that compares high priced creams to cheaper priced creames.:wink:


I’ve used Olay Regenerist Eye Treatment and absolutely love the results long term. I’ve tried so many brands and had different results and like several have already mentioned, the Drunk Elephant I’ve heard so much about but yet to try. The only other one that’s on my list to try is the Lancome Renergie Lift Multi Action Lifting and Firming Eye Cream. I’ve read hundreds of reviews on Ulta and the brand page and such high reviews and swear by results as the best have me curious to see if it’s worth the price point.


I first tried the Sekkisei line over a year ago and they have some amazing products. I’m still using the lotion and it’s one of the best toners I’ve ever used. Japanese skin care products from this particular line is on my favorites list.


Ooh, I like Fresh skincare. I forgot all about this one!


This one looks interesting! I would like to try too.


Most of the eye creams are not effective on me because my puffiness is fat under skin. They helps with dryness, reducing wrinkle appearance, but I’m still depending on make up to hide the puffiness.
I’ve been waiting for a new treatment using XAF5, have you guys read about that? It sounds amazing, promises to melt the fat and much more.
Since it’s not on market yet, I would like to try anything with vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, omega 3 and caffeine.


I heard great things about it just never seen any reviews or anything.


It’s been on trial for a long time. Was supposed to be released this year and was postponed to next year. Hopefully it will be available soon!


If you get it will you review it on here, I’m sure alot of women/ men would love to read it also.


I will keep my eyes opened! It’s prescription use only, so I will have to visit the dermatologist when it’s out.


Oh yes! Be real, be out soon! Don’t know anything about it, but ready to learn!:heart_eyes_cat:


Agreed, we’d have to take into consideration that a lot of those reviews aren’t real, but still the price difference (ck for harmful ingredients) makes it a good candidate for comparison.