What is your favorite oil and butter, and why?


What is your favorite body oil and butter? what do they do for your skin? why is that your favorite? compared to other oils and butters you have tried, how much better does it work for you?what made you choose it?


I use a body oil after my showers sometimes in place of my wet skin moisturiser when my skin is super dry. My favorite and a must have is the Body Dew from Pure Romance. The oils are infused with almond oil and gives the skin a silky feel. My favorite scent is the Pink Paradise which is a passion fruit and key lime and it smells amazing! A great summer fragrance. These are a bit pricey but totally worth it as far as how well they moisturize the skin.



Don’t know, don’t use any (although the almond oil sounds good!).


I don’t currently use anything, but I have used cocoa and shea butters in the past! I first tried the cocoa butter when I was pretty young and at a friend’s house. She told me her mom had this lotion that smelled amazing and we snuck into her bathroom to use it and it was cocoa butter! Lol once I got older I got some for myself. It made my skin very soft. I don’t really know why I stopped using it. I think I just started trying other things and forgot about it.https://www.target.com/p/palmer-s-174-cocoa-butter-formula-174-moisturizing-body-lotion-8-5-oz/-/A-13528975



I use general body lotion. I’ve also used jojoba oil and shea butter too.




I like to use Shea Moisture lotions because they are rich and creamy and contain a lot of oils and butters.
I like shea butter and mango butter as ingredients in skincare products. I use argan oil, sweet almond oil, coconut oil, rosehip seed oil
and castor oil for different things and I really like them. I find that my skin is softer and stays moisturized longer and the skin on my face is brighter and scars are fading. I use oil on my body while my skin is wet after my showers to help seal in the moisture and then I put lotion on after patting myself dry.


My favorite oil is Grapeseed oil.
It absorbs easily and it has astringent properties which is great for acne prone skin.
It is suitable for all skin types and this is why I prefer grapeseed over other oils.
When I make my oil blends to give as gifts I like grapeseed as my carrier oil because it is suitable for all skin types and it does not clog pores.
As for butters…I prefer Mango butter, it has nearly NO scent so it does not overpower the essential oils I add to it.
Plus it has the greatest anti-aging properties.
Also suitable for all skin types.


I like that they help keep moisture in. It leaves my legs feeling hydrated and soft.


My most favorite body oil is Palmers and I use it every time before I reach for my towel to dry off.
It’s the perfect consistency and leaves my skin feeling moisturized without feeling oily.
For my face and neck I use Vintner’s Daughter, Josie Maran Argan Oil and Drunk Elephant.


I used to have a body lotion I got from the dollar store probably 10 years ago or longer that smelled like lavender. I miss it a lot and haven’t been trying to find a body butter due to my excessive amount of body lotions I already have. Maybe one day though I’ll go back to finding a rich and moisturizing body butter…


i used to love jojoba oil. something about the smell i just fell in love with.
i have only tried shea butter in lotions like bath and body works. but they both made my skin soft and smooth, never to greasy , always absorbed quick.
the scent seemed to last all day.
haven’t had any bad reactions to either of them.
but it was most definitely the scent that made me choose these.


I use Jojoba oil for my hair and face, but for my body, my favorite is Kukui Nut Oil. It’s full bodied, but absorbs well. I like to put it in my lotion to distribute it better. I also like the way it smells better than any other oil. Shea Butter is my go to butter because the consistency is easier to use, but Cocoa Butter works best for diminishing certain scars.


I almost forgot, Rosehip Seed Oil has become my new favorite for my face and neck. I briefly mentioned in another post that I’m using it. It absorbs really well. I can even wear it under makeup. For the few months that I’ve been using it, I’ve experienced noticeable results in the diminishing of lines.


i might have to look into that




My favorite during the summer is Jose Maren agran oil. It’s 100% Pure Argan Oil spun into a creamy butter and has a subtle shimmer. I love the light Vanilla Peach scent.