What is your go to scent in perfume


my go to scent in perfume has always been plumeria, they used to sale it at jc penney’s and they sometimes sale it at bath and body works usually only online. it just has a different scent then anything else i have smelled and i have always gotten compliments when out shopping or eating on how good it smells.how many people have even heard of plumeria? usually when i mention itnobody knows what i am talking about. but it has been my go to scent in perfume, since i was a child whenever i could find it


Years ago, I bought a small bottle of a musk based scent. It was a small bottle, sealed in wax. It is so intense you need very little. That’s how I had it so long. Don’t know what it is because the name finally wore off the bottle. Nothing else comes close. It is unbelievably sensuous! If it sounds familiar and you know what it is, please share!


As weird as it might be, I still love Enchanted and Wonderstuck by Taylor Swift. They are the only perfumes that I don’t think smell weird. If there was a fruity or food-smelling perfume I would jump on trying it. Sadly, most perfumes are just too floral for me or my husband to handle.


I like floral or citrus scents.


One of these days I’m going to figure out how to wear coffee! Guess I’d better figure out how to keep it warm… Hmmm…coffee with notes of amber and sandalwood!


I love the Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue perfume. It smells so nice and fresh… I think it’s my all-time favorite scent. I love that it seems to linger on my skin so much longer than many other perfumes. It smells amazing and I often get compliments when I wear it. I love this stuff so much that I have went through 2 of the large bottles of it already.



they do actually have a few things out
close to what you named. i just googled it to see if it had been thought of yet or not and those are the closest two i pulled up, it is amazing how almost any scent you can think of you can buy, but it don’t mean it smells like you would want it to.



I’m a musk girl. I love the way the smell of musk intensifies with body heat. If it’s a spice scented musk, that’s even better.


Yes, Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue is my jam. This is what I wear when I’m feeling good and I’m going out. I love that it fades into this light, pretty scent and my boyfriend can’t stop sniffing me when I wear it.


you all are making me want to try that :slight_smile:


I like unusual, earthy, hard to place scents. Right now Oddity from Rag and Bone is my favorite. I have a soft spot for Roses so Chloe Roses has always been a go too. It smells like a English garden to me.


that does sound like it smells good


Definitely vanilla. It’s pretty much my go to scent for anything! It’s just so pretty and relaxing to me. My favorite perfume though is the original Jennifer Aniston one. I’ve used it for years. This is what Kohl’s says the notes are "Citrus grove accord, rose water, blooming jasmine, wild violet, amazon lily, sensual musk, golden amber and sandalwood."It’s very light and subtle, perfect for everyday!https://www.kohls.com/product/prd-966586/jennifer-aniston-eau-de-parfum-spray-womens.jsp?prdPV=1



rose water and jasmine alone sound like it smells good. i just may have to take a trip to kohls and try this.


I have lots of the Juicy Couture but my favorite is La Violette by Annick Goutal is identical to the Guerlain Meteorites scent.


i haven’t heard of guerlain meterite scent, what does it smell like?


Clean floral scents.

Nothing too overwhelming.
I typically don’t wear perfume…but I like scented lotions and body washes.


These sound amazing. Have any of you tried them?


Currently I am hooked on almost anything by Marc Jacobs. I am wearing Daisy Dream today!


Right now I am loving Michael Kores & Marc Jacobs. When I want to try something new I buy the Sephora Deluxe Perfume Sampler. Then you get choose your favorite and redeem the coupon for a free bottle.