What scents after you smell them do you just have to buy


what are your go to scents, once you smell them in anything, you just have to buy. mine are plum, plumeria, jasmine, tropical rainforest ( of course i have only found this scent once in a shampoo and conditioner), iced pear, jojoba, watermelon and kiwi


I like tropical scents. I also like citrus scents as well.


I used to adore VS “Love Spell”. It was one of my favorite scent combos for the longest time!
I really like fresh clean, citrus and floral scents.
Another favorite was “Sweet Pea” from Bath and Body Works.
There is another scent that I loved from a resort in hawaii.
It was mango and something else.
Very fresh and tropical.
I am going to look it up and report back.


Being sensitive to a lot of smells I stick to fruity smells. I do like pineapple, watermelon, mango. Tropical fruity smells. I buy the soft soap I think it’s called? Pomegranate mango body wash often just for the scent.


Anything tropical grabs my nose instantly and if I smell a product and it gives me that “ahhhhh” moment, I buy it. My absolute favorite smell combination though is amber and patchouli. That is a scent that I love in my home year round.


I like tropical and floral scents in the summer and really like vanilla notes in the winter.


Pumpkin, coconut, and peach are my favorite


I like minty and fruity scents. I used to really enjoy lavender but lately I’ve been leaning more towards eucalyptus spearmint like Bath and Body Works’s stress relief products.


Sandalwood, amber, musk, cardamom. Of course I’ve always said I’d happily buy perfume that really smelled like the ocean or coffee.


I love the food scents.Something that smells so good I just want to eat it.LOL.I have read before that wearing warm scents that are food (vanilla, crème brulee, etc… draws people closer into your space.


I love the tropical, beach scents. I guess it evokes a memory of relaxing at the beach with no worries. I love the coconut fragrances and how it makes my skin smell afterwards.


Lemongrass is my favorite. Vanilla, rose, basil and citrus combined, coconut, grapefruit, if it’s any fruit except banana, I want to smell like that. Haven’t found more than a few perfumes I like but Long Winter Farm makes some great combinations! https://longwinterfarm.com/collections/perfume-oil
Only negative thing with smelling edible is that my furry friends lick moisturizer off my legs, feet, and hands completely within minutes.


Anyone else in their 30’s remember the Vanilla Musk or Sunflower in the 90’s? I was so obsessed with that and wonder in another 30 years, will we laugh at our today’s obsession with coconut?



I really love mango, vanilla, and coffee scents. Though the coffee ones tend to be candles rather than body products. Vanilla in particular is a scent I’ll never get sick of. It’s just so sweet and pretty but can still be nice and subtle. Strawberry is also a great scent! I like most fruit scents in general. My favorite body wash is from Aveeno and they recently made a vanilla version of it and I definitely want it, but I’m holding off until I’ve used up the samples we just got hahah.https://www.aveeno.com/products/daily-moisturizing-yogurt-body-wash-vanilla-oats



I can’t walk away from a product that has a coconut smell! Coconut scented shampoo, body wash, even air fresheners are my favorite! Especially during summer.


I looooooove musk scented oils. Sometimes I layer them to achieve my own blend.


I am on board with the tropical scents during the summer. A great Coconut, Mango, Pineapple combination. Sweet Pea by Bath &amp: Body another favorite of mine.


It seems like the “edible” and “drinkable” scents are popular for summer body washes.


I think perfume is the only thing that I buy specifically for the scent. I won’t buy a product that I don’t really like the formulation of or have no use for even if it smells good. As a matter of fact I have a Degree deodorant with the “Sexy Intrigue” scent that I really love (they used to make a body spray and they stopped of course), but I can’t use it as a deodorant because it doesn’t smell good if I do happen to get sweaty. It smells great in the container, but makes a terrible deodorant.


I love vanilla and will buy anything that smells like it.
I actually really hate that people equate vanilla with boring because it’s such a great smell and it layers so well with so many things.