What skin care products to buy men


now it is very easy for me to pick a skincare product for another female woman, teen, and children. but i never know what to get for a man i usually end up only getting them clothes. what skincare products do you all buy for men and what is the best thing about them?


The Dollar Shave Club has some really great smelling men’s products for face, hair, body wash, toothpastes, & even “butt wipes”. No joke…that’s what they are called. Great products to leave the man’s skin feeling clean & refreshed with a nice, lingering fragrance. Dove has a men’s line that I also like the smell of. It is good if you want something you can easily find at the store without an online order.


what scents would you recommend?


I can’t help you there. I don’t purchase skincare for men either.


I just started buying beard oils for my boyfriend. He was skeptical at first, but he actually likes it and uses it every day and is always going on about how soft his beard is. “You’re welcome”. :slight_smile: This Lucky Grooming Beard Oil is on Amazon and its unscented and contains a lot of good oils. There are a lot of oils floating around so you have to look at ingredients. That’s really the only thing I can think of as far as men’s skincare.



Ordinarily, my husband would be very polite after unwrapping a skincare product, then he’d leave it on a shelf until I found a place for it to be alone, but I did offer to share my Derma e eye cream with him, and we quietly share it now!


I’ve found that as long as a product doesn’t come specifically geared for a female because of how it’s going to be used or its scent, some men will use a product I use if I tell them the benefits. My brother often asks what we, my sister and I, use on our skin. I’ve given guy friends facials with my products before as a way of introducing them to proper skincare. So if something you generally use for yourself is effective, consider buying it for your guy.


thank you :slight_smile:


thats an interesting ideal i never thought of that


thats pretty cool.
i wouldn’t have thought a guy would use a woman’s skincare product. but maybe women skin care works better then men’s. i am assuming.


I got into shaving a while back, before my beard, and purchased an old-school safety razor and some fancy shaving creams you have to lather up with a brush.
It was a lot of work to learn how to use a razor like this without sending yourself to the ER, and to learn how to lather up a proper beard shaving cream.
It was also time consuming.
But, it was a meditative practice for me, and forced me to slow down.Now, I have a beard.
I still use the razor, but just shave with water.
How manly :)Beard oil is cool, most dudes I know with beards are into the oils.Honestly, guys are simple so keep it simple.
A facial wash and moisturizer and
shave cream would be my vote for “skin care”.
I don’t use any man-specific products
on the reg because I don’t like the smells of them, and I’m constantly sampling new products so I don’t have many go-to’s for men.
Buy the Prorasso by Bigelow shave cream I put a pic of in the green tube.
It’s great stuff @ $5, is cooling, has a manly scent, and much cheaper than the $30 Lavender shave cream I also pic’d.



thank you i appreciate that


Give me a few selling points on the beard oil for a guy with very sensitive skin!


Most unscented beard oils should be tolerated pretty well, most have high quality ingredients.
For me, it seems to tame and soften my beard, providing a more kempt appearance.


Pffft I will fall on the floor the day my boyfriend even picks up any kind of facial skincare product hahaha. He’s not picky when it comes to scents though, so I would get him a nice scrub, possibly a St. Ives one, and a nice shaving cream. Not really sure exactly what shaving cream, but just something that would keep his skin soft and reduce razor bumps.


Thanks!, now I just have to talk him into it!


I usually ask. Typically, I have bought cologne, after shave, deodorant, or lip balm. When I was in high school, many guys asked to use my lip balm whenever I pulled it out and they eventually bought their own. Hand cream is always appreciated by men I know.


thank you.


This is excellent shaving cream, and relatively cheap @ $5.



Thanks for the suggestion! I think he’d probably try anything I get him, we’ll have to try this one :slight_smile: