Whats your Baumann skin type?


Hello everyone! :tada::tada::smile::smile: I thought it would be fun/interesting to share what our Baumann skin type is?.. (I’ll start… Im type DSNW)

My hope is that itll open up a discussion on our experiences with our spicific skin types, and what we have found to work and not work well with our skin types etc. Do you beleive your test results to be accurate? (My was) Do you think your parents and children etc. have the same Baumann skin type as yourself?

Im interested in hearing everything you all have to say about the Baumann skin type test, As i had never heard of it before signing up to be a part of this community and to test products.:thinking::thinking:

This will be a great way to learn from others and share the wisdom weve picked up along the journey that is everything beauty and skin care. :kiss::lipstick::loud_sound::syringe::pill::restroom:

** If u havnt taken it yet, but would like to, you can do a simple google search for it. Make sure to grab a pen and paper to keep track of your answers and talley up your scores at the end.:wink::ok_hand: Also its been posted by a member in the comments :grin::grin::pray::clap: (ty!) **


How do I find out my skin type?


I’m also BSNW. I’d never heard of the test either. When I saw the question signing up I was like umm I have no idea what that even is - haha. So after some research I found the questionnaire. I’m glad to finally know what my skin type is so I know what type of skincare products will work best for me. Most of the face wash that I buy dry my face out and make it feel tight.


How do I find out my skin type


I have heard of it before but no one has ever really asked me about it and I have no idea what it is.
I never took the quiz


you can take a quiz online to find out.


I’m not sure what mine is. :frowning:


Absolutely! I thought the same thing when i read about my results. Also made me re-think about how bad smoking is for my skin :persevere::cold_sweat:


Here is the link I used to take the quiz for everyone asking. It was time consuming and requires paper but it’s good to know your skin type. Baumann Skin Type Quiz


I’m DRNW. I was SO CLOSE to a T at the end. My score went up based on my family’s skin! But this is a pretty good skin type and very interesting quiz! Thanks !


Thanks for the link! This is the same site i took my test on. And I ended up writing my answers in columns for easier tallying up at the end of each section. (Its messy n just jotted down, :laughing::tipping_hand_woman: but u get the point im sure) it took me a few moments to finish the test, BUT is was really interesting n kinda fun,… luckily. Lol


I have slightly dry skin. I agree completely.


I live in Florida and the heat of vicious on my skin so my problem is tackling dry skin. I found s few products that work! I love to moisturize my entire body including my face and for that I would use “Youth to the people moisturizer” with Kale, Spinach and Green Tea! It’s a company out of California. I also use Murad, Gold Bond Ultimate Radiance renewal.


DRNW here. I do feel my results are accurate. My parents have the same type of skin as I do. So do my 2 kids. I was unaware there was a test like this until I read it here.


DRPW - and so everyone can see what this stands for: Dry, resistant, pigmented and wrinkled skin rarely suffers from sensitivity such as acne breakouts, facial redness, or skin rashes. However, dark patches such as melasma and freckles often occur. While this skin type has a strong protective barrier it does have a tendency to wrinkle so be careful with sun exposure and bad habits. I had never heard of this before either. Interesting and this is really my skin type. I use moisturizer every night and day to keep skin hydrated and on Sunday I apply olive oil to my skin and it really helps keep it soft.


I have alot of reading and adding to figure it out now that I found a way to figure it out! LOL


That’s the only one I seemed to find too. Thanks.


I don’t no what baumann is lol? How do I find out what mine is


Thank you for the link.


Yes I am new to this term too and was happily surprised to find my results appear to be completely accurate. Mine is DRNT