Which is your pattern?


There seem to be two basic approaches to cosmetics/skin care/soap products among our group: those who go all out and shop for products, including shadow, lipstick, on a very regular basis and those who basically have a few types of product they use to keep up an essentially “natural with a little extra” look. Sometimes it’s pure personal taste, with some it’s time available for personal care.There’s probably a third group “it was beautiful and sensuous and I needed a treat so I bought it”. (probably figures at least a little into all our habits) I’m just curious, which of those habits do our members follow? If your life situation were different in terms of cash or time do you think you’d be more likely to follow the other pattern? Let’s talk. :cat:


I go all out. My skin is my showcase. I love makeup. I love great skincare. I will pay to make me look and feel good. Than on the same note I will not pay a ton of money just because of the name. I know great skincare without all the chemicals. I am all about taking care of myself. Now to find healthy makeup that is not crap…lol


I’ve tried both natural and commercial skincare and cosmetics. I think I buy what I can afford and what is available. 9 times out of 10 it will be the commercial skincare.


I don’t wear make up, but I am all about skin care! I would buy more if I had more money, but for now I use the basics. I try to find discounts and deals, so I have not stayed with one brand. It would be nice to find something awesome and be able to stay with it.


I go all out my face is very important to me so I like to stick to my regular basis


I buy what I can afford. I coupon so if I can get it with coupons and make it super cheap or free then I’m game. Doesn’t matter to me if it’s natural or commercial brands.


Beauty and skincare are my life! I have so much makeup and just as much skincare. Different brands, different types of products to suit different types of needs, moods, seasons, and situations. I buy products from both high end to inexpensive. Prior to my 30’s, I was a creature of habit and sadly to say, only stuck to the minimal, which is why I have more skincare problems today. I was very uneducated and uninformed about ingredients and proper usage of things so when I began learning, I just never stopped so to speak.


Yes, if I had more spare money then I would buy brands that are natural as well as possibly a variety of brands to test and stick with those that work best for me.


I shop for my products from the net because I hate the overwhelming isles st Walmart. But I’m the when I get the extra money I deserve to buy myself something extra.


I am a beauty/skincare addict! I love to keep up with what brands are coming out with a new product/line, what’s trending, and was it worth all the hype.


I love makeup but buy it in small quantities. As for skin care, I always splurge for good products since it can make a huge difference on the way you look and age. It is incredible how many skin care products are out there for me to keep trying.


It kind of seems like we’re answering the same questions as in the “Who do you do it for?” post.



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    July 24

It kind of seems like we’re answering the same questions as in the “Who do you do it for?” post.



The first “Who do you do it for?” is a question of external/internal locus. Do you get scrubbed and made up as part of an outreach to others or is it a more personal/private situation, a treat or necessity for yourself. The second is more an examination of patterns within the group. Some go all out, full metal jacket on makeup and lotions of all kinds, are very much on trend, purchase many, many items and go for a more crafted, visible look. Others are more interested in enhancing a more natural look, They usually, but not always, find a range of products they enjoy and find helpful and repurchase them. They will be interested in exploring a range of products but are more interested in either basics, (washes, lotions) colors or substances within a range of natural tones and shades. Some will fall into a mid-range pattern, where they would buy or use more if money, time and responsibilities allowed. We are, as mentioned many times, a very varied group. It’s interesting to see how we all work together to come up with a good sense of balance in interests and projects.