Who Do You Do it For?


I was thinking about my mother and then my choices for makeup, scent, general personal style and realized not only did she and I do different things for different reasons, but I myselfsometimes target me, sometimes how I look for others. For instance, Mom wanted every bit of makeup to really show, like a canvas. I stand on my head to make it look natural, just heightened. She worerouge in the day and then nothing as that went out, very occaisionally blush. I will sculpt cheekbones as if I were Michaelangeloif I feel like I have to make an impression. What do you do and why?


My mom and I are also pretty different when it comes to style. She always does the tiniest bit of makeup. We both always laugh when she puts on lipstick because she does a couple dabs then presses her lips together and she’s done, whereas I line my lips, very carefully put on liquid lipstick, and really take forever to do it. I keep things pretty natural for the most part when going about my daily life because it’s what makes me feel the most confident, but at the same time I feel like I still do a lot (if that makes sense lol.) But I also love going all out and playing around with color and doing heavy eye looks, etc. I mainly do things like that for photos and video though.



I strive for a natural makeup look!
I basically want to look like I have no makeup on, but yet I have perfectly even skin and enhance my eyes with mascara and very subtle eyeshadow and eyeliner.
I will use a blush and a bronzer/highlighter as well, but not in a way people would think “wow, look at her makeup!”. More like “Wow, she has such a beautiful complexion!”.

I play by the color rule of thumb too…Enhance your eyes, OR your lips, NOT BOTH.

I do a very subtle natural light coral/pink lip color (super light application, I just sort of put the lipstick on my top lip and then blot lips together for a hint of color. I will do mascara, eyeliner and sometimes a eye shadow, usually a highlighter color under my brows and in the inner corners.
Btw…my mom exactly the opposite as well!
She went with the 80’s let’s show off our color pallet on our face and rock shoulder pads!


I love playing with makeup, so I often do a little bit of everything. I use primer, foundation, concealer, blush, highlight, contour, lipstick, mascara, lash primer, eyeshadow, brow pencils and pomade, and finishing powder and a setting spray. I enjoy creating different looks and trying out different products. I mainly do it for myself, I enjoy putting my makeup on and it makes me feel more confident. I often create more natural looks when I’m going out, but I tend to experiment with bolder looks when I’m home. Makeup is just fun for me. I love Tarte, Too Faced, and It Cosmetics just to name a few.



I do the basics I try to glam it up when I go out to a concert or something but most of the day I don’t use makeup. I’ve never learned how to contour and am getting slightly better at highlighting.
I try to keep it basic. Since I wear glasses I figure most people see those before my eyes. I added a photo of a look i put together today.



i like different looks for different occasions, or different moods. i usually go to natural look though, and i do it for myself.
it somehow uplifts my self esteem i am not sure how exactly but it does. i just don’t use lipstick, sometimes i might use lip gloss. i try new looks i see on youtube sometimes i like it and others i have to wash off because it just isn’t for me.


My makeup presentation depends on my mood and the event. I lean towards natural, but I do like a dramatic eyeliner. But however I wear makeup, it’s always for me.


That’s a beautiful look! I love the purple :slight_smile:


Very GLAM!
You can totally rock that look!


I am a makeaholic to be honest.
I have days that I go all out and then I have days I like just the minimum.
As far as my mother, well I was actually a miracle child and she was much older when she had me so I really didn’t have a connection with makeup or skincare with her.
She had very mature skin and mine was youthful and unblemished.
I can relate more to my sisters and we all love makeup and love to create beautiful looks.


Skin is the body’s largest organ, so when I’m taking good care of my skin, I feel like I’ve tackled the health issues found in the biggest organ of my body.
I tend to focus on individual aspects of makeup looks like a really good cat eye, or a well defined lip look.
If I can take care of my skin that makes my makeup more about self expression than about concealing issues.


You are a lucky girl!
I aim for looking like I have skin like yours via makeup.

I do take care of my skin as well… unfortunately I didn’t always take care of it, and now I am paying for it.


I really like seeing skin care as health, as opposed to just looking good.


I used to wear a lot of makeup, claiming at I was trying to achieve a “natural look” like most of the youth in America right now. After I got married this last summer my priorities changed and now whatever I do (which is wearing no make up) is for me. I still like lip gloss here and there though


I use makeup everyday but I definitely have a more natural look.
When I was younger and learning to apply makeup, there were no Youtube videoes or other internet sites to
get tips on
how to give myself the more glamorous look so I just did the basics.

Now that I am older, I have no desire to change my look.
I do like to give myself the more even skintone look with concealer and foundation.
I use a little blush, eyeshadow, mascara and lipgloss.
I certainly have no look that anyone would want tips from, yet I always look “put together” when I go out.

What I do, I do for me.


Don’t get me wrong I wear makeup used to wear it everyday but now I might wear it 2 times a week and the rest I go natural. So I personally don’t go too crazy with makeup.


I do love how all makeup looks are constructed, and for nights out, I do occasionally play up my eyes.
I love eyeliner and trying out new techniques.
I also
love a simple cat eye and red lipstick.


I don’t really wear full face makeup. I try to take good care of my skin and I wear eyeliner and a little brow pencil just so I don’t look as tired and crazy. I put a little powder on for the shine from time to time. I sometimes wish I was a little more savvy with makeup, but it doesn’t really fit my personality or life. I’m usually chasing after my 5 year old and cooking and cleaning and stuff, so anything I put on my face would probably get sweated off. I also work out, but don’t wear makeup for that. I feel like I want to get my brows tinted and maybe a lash lift treatment so that I can go bare faced, but look polished.


This is a very cool look, thank you for posting!


Thank you! :slight_smile: