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Nearly an $800 million US market!

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This is somewhat disturbing…are we kidding? Are we talking snails or slugs and is there a difference? This is almost TMI ! I feel guilty. I pride myself on being a caretaker of all creatures on Earth. I cant or don’t want to imagine the process of getting this…slime. Phew…got to read more about this…I wonder what the specific name for that ingredient is.


Snail Secretion Filtrate. Here is a study on its efficacy:



This is my first time hearing anything about products containing snail slime . Im kinda shocked, and intrigued. I think that looking outside the box at nature to help with natural beauty is a great thing as long as no snail were harmed to make the product. I probably sound weird but i own strange pets so a snail isnt strange to me.


Personally, I do use a snail product. And it works. It works on the fine lines on my forehead and it works on the hatchet groove between my hubby’s eyebrows.


Wait. What? Like serious? A 10.82% growth in use in the value of $769.5 MILLION?!?!??!
I cannot. I just can’t seem to get past the fact that this is snail mucus. I mean … I used to watch snails crawl along the concrete of our driveway when I was a wee one. I just cannot imagine putting that ick on my face. I mean … sure, it’s “all natural” I suppose but … EW! :nauseated_face: It’s a :snail: people! Just … gross. :hushed:

I mean “Other market drivers include middle aged-consumers’ growing interest in grooming and an overall shifting preference for natural products. Additionally, the report states that 65% of the world’s population is between 15-64 years old; this ever-aging consumer base sets the stage for future growth in the anti-aging segment.”

Dontcha think that is a PRETTY BROAD scope of ages?

Also … snail mucus improved the appearance of fine lines but did not significantly improve skin. However, based on its popularity, the ingredient is not escargot-ing anywhere."

BOO! HISS!!! :neutral_face: So no. Just … NO! :confounded:


When I hear or read of something unusual, I generally wonder how it got its start. What made the first person to try snail secretions try it? What experience would make someone think, “There’s a snail on my porch, I think I’ll pick it up and rub it on my face to see what effect it’ll have.”


Supposedly workers shelling snails for escargot cut themselves and found their wounds healed quickly. Interestingly enough this is similar to how we discovered the healing properties of petrolatum - oil workers healing from wounds.


I know there are products with a synthetic form. Real slime? Nah.


Wow. That makes for a very interesting discovery. But now I’m wondering why the discovery didn’t make its way into the medical field for wound healing? Maybe it has, but the news hasn’t spread as much as the cosmetic benefit.


I have tried several different ones in the past year, but the Missha moisturizer is one of my favorites. I love how it’s formulated with the perfect combination of gel and cream, so light enough to go under products but also effective. I have seen a noticeable difference when I combine it with other moisturizers. This product definitely helps improve my appearance. Like I said from my experience they all had their benefits (mainly moisturizing).


Oh God, I don’t think I want that.


My eyes kind of widened when I read this lol. I’m not too sure if I’d want to use anything with snail slime. Whether it’s beneficial or not, I think I’d just cringe touching it. It is very interesting though. I guess just not for everyone!


People are getting creeped out by the idea of snail ick… It’s not just a tube or jar of snail snot, the active ingredient is mixed into a moisturizer base some are better than others but generally they are all lightweight and quick absorbing and pleasantly scented.


I’m not sure why everyone is so bothered by snails. Lobsters, oysters, and the like are disgusting to me. They’re in the same family. The idea of slurping a phlegmy looking oyster is more repulsive than a blended secretion that you probably couldn’t identify in a product unless you sniff snails in your free time. Not only that, consider when you last wiped snot on your arm in an emergency moment. That’s your mucus, maybe it has benefits? Kids sure do it all the time so it could be worth researching since their skin is so soft and smooth! Snail farming can be very profitable around the world, the USDA has all kinds of grants and it isn’t just about beauty or food. Snails prey on certain oysters and are considered pests, why not use them in a beneficial way?


Products with snail mucus have been around for awhile now. So I’m guessing the penis facial (latest trend for celebs) which uses stem cells from the foreskins of circumcised Korean boys won’t be a big hit on here either. :hushed: This and the placenta facial are probably the most extreme ingredients I’ve heard of.


I lived in the temperate rain forest of Notthern California. If you have every seen a banana :banana: slug :snail: no way yuck and I don’t care for animal use either. The French eat them and we smear them on our face. Pass.


Sounds like a great topic for a poll, click link below to vote:


Even with the benefits, It’s not something I would see myself having an interest in. There are more and more bazaar things coming to light in terms of beauty and skin care related ingredients that are just mind blowing. I say, to each his/her own.


I agree everyone should feel comfortable with what they put on their body. I am always fascinated by all different ingredients that are used now, and a lot of them we know, but are labeled under a scientific name. If it’s something I’m unsure of I usually try to learn more about the ingredient.