🗞 Why Consumers Love Snail Beauty Products - With Poll


I don’t care if this is the best ingredient in the world, I will not be using snail products ever.


You would be amazed to know the ingredients manufacturers put in products these days. A lot of times they are listed under names you may not recognize. Sometimes they are not recognized because it may be derived from some crazy material. I would try a snail product if it fit into my needs and requirements. My feelings are that it is probably out of my price range anyway, :joy:


I bet there is a culture or ancient people somewhere that used it for it’s healing properties.


I actually watched a Netflix documentary and the skin care snails they use in Korea are very well taken care of and this suckers are huge! It was funny that they kept their secret to how they “massage” the snails to get the mucus out a secret…:rofl:


What was the documentary called?


I don’t recall but I’ll search my Netflix history


Actually you would be surprised how inexpensive it can be. Look for the phrase “marine extracts”

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The puns in this article are great. :slight_smile: This is interesting, but I don’t think I’m in a hurry to “get slimed”.


I use a hair product had snail in I My hair looked healthy. It worked very well for my hair.


I might try it, i would have to get passed the snail part but i would, once i got passed the yuck factor !


i don’t think i would want to try snail slime. even if it does have really great benefits.


I think alot of natural things benefit us much better then chemicals. I’ll try alot of things to help form, blackheads, acne,etc.


I have tried and its amazing. I also read how snails are harm in the process.


I know these are popular, but i would not try them.