Win-It Wednesday! Winner and new challenge for this week!


Happy Win-it Wednesday! Thanks so much for your Post-Its this week! @vanessa6297 you are the lucky winner of a BH Cosmetics Blushed Neutrals Palette 26 Color Eyeshadow and Blush! Congrats! Please PM me with your address so I can get it shipped out!

This week we’re switching it up and doing TRIVIA!! No googling allowed! You must post a reply to this topic with your best guess and I will randomly choose a winner from those who have guessed correctly.

Here’s your trivia question: One of the earliest cosmetics of which we have a record is kohl, worn by Egyptian queens as long ago as the Bronze Age (from 3500 BCE). To what part of the body is kohl usually applied?

Good luck! May the odds be ever in your favor!


It was worn on the eye as eyeliner!


On the eyes as eyeliner.


I want to go as every body else, in the eyes. Did they wore it for something else? Or have the movies failed me :woman_shrugging:t2::rofl:


I’m pretty sure it was worn on the eyes!


To my knowledge, from what I recall from my art history class, it was used at their eyes. They used it to enhance or darken around their eyes.


I think it’s the eyes :eyes:.


I have studied Egyptian history in college and I was fascinated by level of knowledge and ingenuity the ancient Egyptians had way beyond their time!

They used Kohl as mascara around the entire eye lid as a form of protection and status!
They even crushed minerals and fruits to create eye shadow and lips stains
They even used the poppy plant flower buds as skin treatments and to ward off evil in rituals and even for recreation!

Bring back memories @Melissa_Levick
I LOVE Egyptian history and archeology

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Congrats @vanessa6297 :tada::confetti_ball::gift::champagne:


Congrats @vanessa6297!!


I believe I was told kohl was used to make eye shadow and mascara


They wore kohl on their eyes I am guessing, who wouldn’t


Thank you.I was surprised.


Thank you I was very surprised.


Eyeliner of course! I wonder if they had a special technique to get the perfect line :thinking:


Ooohhh it’s eyeliner


Kohl is usually applied to the eye lids.


The eyes of course! Many eyeliner products today are called kohl eyeliners.


the answer is the eyes and it was also used in art on the body


I will say eyeliner, mascara, eyebrows maybe even some hair dyes and body ink