Win It Wednesday! - Winner and new challenge


Happy Wednesday!!!

Hope everyone’s week is off to a great start! I loved seeing your product purges this week! Doesn’t it feel great to get organized??

Scorra1 you are the lucky winner this week! You win this beauty organizer to help keep your bathroom looking clean and organized for months to come! Keep up that great work :slight_smile:

This week’s challenge is all about feedback. This forum is for us, by us, and we always want to make sure we’re providing you with the best experience possible. So, this week I’m asking you for suggestions on how to improve the forum. Do you want to see different types of posts? What hinders you from posting? What is something you think would add a lot?

To be considered for the prize, your post MUST have real suggestions. No entries that say “everything is great” or that don’t otherwise have real feedback specifically for how to improve Community Cosmetics. Keep it focused, draw on your experiences from other forums/communities that you are a part of, and provide some thoughtful reflection for us to use, so that we can make it better for you here.

Start a topic called “Community Collaboration Ideas - [Your Name]” and list at least 3 suggestions for us. You have until 11:59pm PT on Tuesday, May 7 to complete the challenge!

Thanks and let me know if you have any questions!



That’s amazing!! Thank you SO MUCH!! I’m so excited, I could really use that! :heart:

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Yayy congrats :smiley:


community collaboration ideas kim szpara i would like to see more ways to win prizes and also differant types of prizes or also test products that we can sign up for in the forum where we can get choosen to try differant produccts out and also more things like polls on differant subjects

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Congratulations @Scorra1​:boom::tada::confetti_ball:


I think the forum could be improved by giving incentives to those participating because this forum requires a lot of our time. I know we get free products for our time but gift cards or other incentives would really be appreciated. The posts are really cool and on point. I really don’t have a problem with them because they are very interesting and informative a lot of times. I post when I can but it takes a lot of commitment with this forum to not be paid for it. Other communities I’m apart of pay for your time. Being paid for my time makes me feel better about being apart of a community.


Do we need to link the feedback post here as well?

I’m so impressed by this forum overall. I only joined yesterday and I keep seeing more and more things that make me happy :slight_smile: It’s really rare to see admins who are so involved with members, and on top of that the team goes above and beyond to actually solicit and implement feedback. Your hard work is very appreciated!


I think that would take away from the community aspect and it would also encourage people to make junk posts just to get their stats up. I’ve seen this in other groups I belong to and it sucks having to sift through comments worded like a content marketing blog post trying to hit a certain word count or post count. It’s not engaging or interesting to read posts that weren’t even written with readers in mind.

As you said in your comment, there are other places that give incentives for participating, so if somebody is looking to get compensated based on number of posts, those places might be a better fit.

From what I’ve seen so far, this site is unique because it has the feel of a regular forum, and the product testing opportunities are just a bonus.


Since it’s already over 11:59, I won’t make a different topic. I can myself say that I just didn’t get the chance to come and post here too much mainly because it’s the fasting month (Ramadan) for me, so I’ve been busy with that and my sleep schedule is quite different for now and before that, I was having other issues that I was dealing with.

As for why people aren’t posting, to be honest, I believe that many just signed up to this website for freebies. They could really care less (to put it bluntly) in being active within the community, which I don’t think is fair for people who have built this community and those who participate without any greed as well as the product makers.

I am forcing myself due to my schedule to post here often - so sorry that I haven’t been able to. But I am hoping to be more active regardless of other stuff.


Try having 3 different categories to post in for the contest. You can participate in one or all for the contest. I think that a category not being relevant to the person posting would be hindrance. If there are a few choices, then maybe more people would participate. I think gift cards would be good prizes. (Amazon, Walmart, etc…)

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Congratulations @Scorra1! What a nice prize.