Win It Wednesday! Winners and new challenge


WOW @Chris and @Beautiful_daydreamer you both were AMAZING and cleaned everything! I am so so impressed with you both, you’re BOTH going to win this week! I’m sending you each a Make-Up Brush Cleaning Rack and Mat to make your lives a little easier for cleaning in the future. Enjoy!!

And now for the next challenge!

PRODUCT OVERHAUL!! This sorta piggy backs on last week’s challenge, but also is just something that is super important to do every once in a while.

How many of you have a bathroom cupboard’s worth of other bottles of product that you have half-used and stored because you bought new stuff you wanted to use instead (🙋🙋🙋). Well, those bottles cause build up mold and dirt and a bunch of gross stuff that you’ll never want on your body much less in your house.

So, this week’s challenge is to gather up all ye old products, take a pic of them, and then recycle them appropriately. I’m not asking you to be reckless - if you KNOW you’re going to use it definitely don’t pitch it! But if it’s been sitting there for a few months (or years), get rid of it for the sake of your health!

Create a topic titled “Excess Product Purge - [your name]” and upload the pic of what you’re getting rid of. You have until Tuesday, April 30 at midnight PT!

Happy Win It Wednesday!


I actually do this about three times a year so I probably wouldn’t have very much but I will see what I can come up with :wink:


Yay!! :grin::confetti_ball::tada::champagne::balloon: @Melissa_Levick Thank you so much!! For once being OCD pays off instead of being annoying :rofl:


Whooo-hoooo! Thanks @Melissa_Levick I’m so excited and can’t wait to try it out! Also congratulations @Chris :scream::scream::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::clap::clap::clap::blush::blush:

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This sure is exciting! :tada::confetti_ball: I’m so looking forward to using it! Congratulations to you too @Beautiful_daydreamer

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I do this every few months. It is a good way to make sure that I get rid of old or empty products. Thanks for the reminder.

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I’m constantly getting rid of things I don’t use lol…I hate clutter and having nessicary stuff around so I don’t think I’ll have much but I will check around the house!! Love these challenges, they are great motivation to get things done😎

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Thanks so much @Melissa_Levick for the brush scrubber and the brush drying rack! It’s gonna help me out for sure and gives me plenty of room so I can now wash more than just 5 brushes at a time, LOL! I received my prize today, I have taken pics to show everyone, however it has a horrid chemical smell to it so I am going to have to wash it, so I haven’t removed the cardbored protective stickers yet. So although the pictures look like it is a brown cardbored color, it isn’t, it is actually black. Anyway, thanks again I can’t wait to try it out and let y’all know how it works soon!


Hey y’all I got my makeup brush drying rack cleaned and set up! Now I just can’t wait to use it! Thanks again @Melissa_Levick this is really going to help me out not just as a drying rack but a place to just hold some of my brushes! I have so many I should probably get rid of some, but you can never have enough brushes! 💁:joy::joy::heart_eyes: