Win It Wednesday - Winners and new challenge!


Good morning friends! Hope everyone’s week is going well!

Thank you so much to all who contributed their feedback from last week’s challenge. I greatly appreciate the insights, observations, and ideas and we will be incorporating them thoughtfully and fully.

@avantgarde and @alpacas - you both went above and beyond to share insights and I wanted to give you both something special that is near and dear to my heart. Seth Godin’s book Tribes is an incredible rallying cry for creating loyal tribes. You both inspired me to reread the book and I would like to send a copy to each of you as well. Let me know if you’d like a hardcopy or a kindle version (DM me) and I’ll send it your way.

Some of your feedback and ideas are going to require our thought, consideration, and planning - so they might take a little bit for you to see appear here in the forum. In the meantime, I am going to take one piece of advice immediately and implement (drum roll please!!)… post it day!

Today the challenge is to post a picture of your favorite makeup and tell us about it including brand, price, where to get it, and why it is your favorite product. Include anything else you think is important. Thank you to @Chris for this suggestion!

Please create a topic called “Post It Day - [Your Name]” by 11:59pm on Tuesday, May 14.

Happy Wednesday to all!


:books: Thank you! I’m excited to start reading - that book is relevant to a few other areas of interest as well. I know that suggestions take a long time to test and implement. I’m already excited to see that you guys are asking and responding :slight_smile:

I love the product idea from @Chris! I’m not home now but I’ll post as soon my pics as soon as I get a chance to.


Congratulations @avantgarde and @alpacas


Your most welcome! I’m happy to be able to help! :hugs:


:smiley::grin::smile::sweat_smile: we all are going to learn a lot today! As long as everyone “post it” today !


Congrats to the winners, and I’m kinda excited for this one! I don’t do much with my makeup looks like I don’t change everyday and I don’t ever have dramatic drastic changes but I do like to see it and would love to learn! 💁


Congrats guys! @avantgarde and @alpacas !


@avantgarde + @alpacas Congrats!!