Witch Hasel Skin Care Benefits



I like to add jasmine and or rose :rose: petals to a larger spray bottle add the witch hazel. Put in the fridge for a wake up or cool down.


I use a spray called Sunrise Body Mist by Plant Makeup it sound a lot like yours. It’s a super refreshing body mist I love using after waking up, or after being in the sun. The spray is a cucumber and rose fragrance that has turmeric in it and very nourishing! So you might want to add some turmeric and see if you like it. Lots of health benefits. :blush:


I’ve used witch hazel as a toner and to clean excess dirt and oil for years!


i grew up using rubbing alcohol and/ or witch hazel and cotton balls. they worked pretty good, and sometimes calamine lotion on pimples. these 3 products cleared my skin up within a few days, but we did not have all the things they have on the market today back then either.