Workout Routines


What’s your go-to workout routine?I do a wall squat for the two minute timer on my electric toothbrush and jumping jacks throughout the day if I don’t have time to hit the gym.I’m trying to find some good beginner ab exercises.I’ve got a spinal fusion so sit ups don’t always go as planned.


I use my exercise bike, which I keep in the office. I also (when I’m not too lazy) take the stairs (3rd floor). Other than that, I scatter exercises throughout the day. This way I don’t get bored, which would stop me in my tracks. I work really long hours so there isn’t much opportunity on work days to build up a sweat that won’t chase clients, but I make sure everything gets used. Most people, even if they are doing a physically demanding job, only use so many muscles during the day unless they make it their business to involve others. I’m trying to encourage myself to do planks, but there’s a reason it works well. It’s hard!


I do squats, planks, lunges, wall sits, push ups, flutter kicks, leg lifts, donkey kicks and a few other exercises (rotated around in no particular order) every morning (Monday - Friday). Its something I can make time for and it uses no equipment and my 5 year old sometimes does it with me. I used to be in the military so there’s a part of me that likes the daily workout (no matter how minimal).


I dont really work out, but i do chase and lift my 4 year old day which is a huge workout.


I’m a workout junkie and love workout routines, gear, and gym memberships.
I’ve done many of the p90x workouts for years, and love the Beachbody products… best value for workouts I’ve found.
Discovered they now have an online subscription and for something like $100/yr you get access to their entire video library.
Tony Horton is the bomb!
As I’ve gotten older though, the plyometric routines aren’t so friendly on my back out or my knees, so I’ll
do more weights.
I enjoy running on the weekends around the lake here in Austin, and will occasionally ride a road bike with my father in law, whose got 25+yrs on me and kicks my butt.
He also does a 1/2 Ironman every year, so he’s a beast.
Honestly, I love working up a sweat, and appreciate variety.
I went to a Kundalini yoga class for the first time a couple of months ago and that was fun.
I enjoy it all if there’s a goal involved :slight_smile:


I don’t have a workout routine. I do find resistance bands helpful.


45-60 minutes of yoga 5-6 times a week.
Vinyasa, hatha and yin.
If I can find time I do Pilates or get On my yoga trapeze.
I have a bunch of yoga gear I have collected because it is my passion besides skin care.


I don’t really have a set routine. I spend most of my time chasing my 2 year old little boy and carrying him around. And believe me, that can turn into quite a workout. We do take a family walk every evening after dinner though.


I used to be a runner, but my joints don’t like that anymore, so now I like to
go for walks.


I go to the gym 3 to 5 days a week depending on my schedule and stuff.
When I go to the gym I start with about a half mile on the treadmill to warm up. Then I do a circuit style workout that mixes cardio and strength training. An example would be: box jumps, then squats, then jumping jacks, then planks, etc. No set amount- 60 seconds on, 30 seconds rest. This is a 30 minute workout usually.
Aftet I do 15 minutes on the stationary bike to help wind down. From there I stretch it out, use the massage chair and head home.
I work out after work: I tend to find that helps me sleep better at nights.
If i don’t or can’t eat to the gym then I make sure to at least use the stairs at work, take short walking breaks, or use the walking desk during meetings. I usually end up hitting my 10k steps a day on my Fitbit.


I don’t normally plan out when I exercise too. Normally I’ll grab some hand weights and jog when I’m watching a show. I have 2 dogs so since the weather has been better here in Wisconsin I’ve been taking them out separately so instead of going on 1 walk I’m going on 2 every day.


I’m currently in training to be a yoga teacher, so about 90% of my workouts are yoga. I usually take fast-paced vinyasa classes, but I love a good restorative class here and there too! I like to take two classes each day, typically one in the morning and one during my lunch break. Sometimes, I’ll switch it up and take a barre class or maybe Pilates. On the weekends, I’m in yoga teacher training all day, Saturday and Sunday.I’m also really into walking! My daily average for May is nearly 10 miles. I walk a lot on my commute/in my daily life, and I’ll supplement it with uphill walks on the treadmill or hiking when the weather is nice enough & I have time to get out of the city! The past three days, I’ve walked around a half marathon each day… that’s a little more than usual for me!


I want to train to be a yoga instructor, too! Soon I will be moving to a more populated area that has the classes I need to get certified.My one vice I have to get over ahead of time is my social anxiety.


I’m terrible…I don’t “work-out” even though I know I should. Does chasing children count? My almost 1 year old has started walking and any other parent knows that that is when you start getting the most exercise as a parent lol!I honestly would really love to get into yoga. I’ve had a lot of health issues since 2009 and I feel like yoga would be best for me since it’s low impact and relaxing! If anyone has suggestions on where to start, I’d love any recommendations! My sister just became a yoga teacher and started teaching this past week but she’s way over in Las Vegas and I’m in Chicago…


I bet!

Nice ritual…


I love following Blogilates videos! We also have a small home gym and stationary bike, so I do a video of each area (arms, legs, etc) then the bike with an episode of whatever I’m currently watching, and then parts of the home gym with 2 sets of 15-20 reps depending on the weight! This gets changed around because sometimes I just don’t feel like doing certain things, but it’s typically this!


I always do cardio for about 30-40 minutes and then do either crossfit or some of the Kayla Itsines’s workouts. Check them out, they are great!


I honestly don’t have a workout routine.
I do have 4 horses and I do get most of my workout with them.
Plus, I stay very active all day long so that’s normally how I get my workout.


Does pinning workout routines on Pinterest count?

I spend hours doing that!


The first couple of weeks were super hard in terms of finding enough confidence to lead the group, especially because you tend to make a lot of mistakes when you first learn how to do something… my anxiety over mistakes was so bad in art school that I’d sneak into the studio late at night to do my projects without anyone else watching me!For yoga teacher training, I’m extremely relieved that I’m going through it with a very small group at a studio where I was already friendly with the teachers! It’s just a group of seven of us, and now that I’m a little over a month in, we’re all very comfortable around each other, which helps a TON with the anxiety!