Worth the Splurge


What type of product do you think is most worth it to splurge on? Personally, I like to focus my “beauty budget” on skincare that’s some kind of treatment (redness, anti-aging, etc.) and foundation. Low-end moisturizer and other skincare products work well for me, and even though drugstore foundations WORK well, I’ve found that they sometimes make my skin a little itchy! Very few high end ones have done that to me too, but it’s a lot less common. I guess it really just depends on the ingredients. What do you think is worth spending a little bit more on?


I’ll go with that. Whatever you would most like to fix or heighten, sooner or later you’re going to find something in that area that costs more than you’d ordinarily spend. Can you do it without blowing the rent or living off potatoes for two weeks? Do it and be happy you could.


I always spend more on skincare especially if it’s something that’s hydrating my skin.
I know I’ve already told you all about this already but Laneige’s lip mask is worth every penny.


Medical grade skincare is my favorite splurge that really does something for my skin.
My faves are Sanitas Lemon Cream Scrub and the Osmosis Cleanse.
I do love SkinMedica TNS formulas also.


I’ll look into those! Thanks!


Like you said, I also prefer to splurge on skincare and foundation and occasionally I will buy a blush or an eyeshadow palette. It just feels like the high end stuff performs better in these areas. Sunday Riley makes some awesome skincare products, so I often splurge on those. And I just bought a new NARS foundation I’ve really been wanting to try. I love anything from Tarte, It Cosmetics, and Too Faced. But my drugstore Loreal telescopic lash mascara outdoes any high end brand I’ve tried, so I never splurge on mascara anymore. I enjoy physicians formula bronzers and blushes as well, and they are very affordable.



I think the answer to this question will vary from person to person. It really just depends on the skincare issues that are pertinent to you, what you want to address. I’m learning that many of us have different opinions about some of the same products.


I like you stay within a budget. The only time I splurge per se is when I get a sample product in the mail.


I actually bought the laneige lip mask. I’ve heard a few talking about it then everyone here was. It arrived yesterday. So far I am liking. $20 for lip stuff is a splurge for me. Usually id spend 2-4 at most on chap sticks.
I’ve been wanting the Nars foundation but I’m not confident in my abilities to pick the right color LOL so haven’t done that yet. I’m just using some drug store brands that work okay.


I purchase a mix of drugstore and highend makeup and skincare. I like to try all different kinds of products and brands.


I tend to splurge on foundation and moisturizers too.


Being that I recently turned 40, I splurge on anti-aging products. Most especially eye cream.
For the first time Ive just started noticing very fine lines at the corners. I don’t plan on growing old gracefully, but fighting it all the way! In line with anti-aging treatment I also splurge on my weekly chemical exfolliant, professional strength multivitamin power exfollient by Dermalogica. As well as my foundation. As I have porcelain colored skin, finding the right transfer-resistant shade has been exceptionally challenging. Buying foundation in department stores allows me to try it before buying, ultimately saving me money on buying multiple shades that do not match my skin tone. I found my exact match, Ivory .05 in Lancome Tient de Idole! It took years to find the perfect foundation, but now I am hooked and will never switch.


I definitely spend the most on oils and moisturisers. Lately, I started spending more on foundation as well and it’s definitely worth it. My skin looks healthier and I don’t have to use as much product as with drugstore foundation. I’ve been using Fenty
PRO FILT’RSoft Matte Longwear Foundation and it’s the best one I ever had.


I completely agree. I’ll have to look into that lip mask!


i will spend more on body lotion, and soap but when it comes to other stuff i can usually get by using cheaper stuff. it just depends on the day and the mood


I splurge on products I will use most often (moisturizer, sunscreen, etc). If I don’t use something regularly, it usually stays on the shelf because it is too “special” and I want to make it last longer.


I personally think it all depends on the specific person. If you have things like sensitive skin, dry brittle hair, or acne then I think that then deciphers which products you should spend more money on. Luckily for me, I currently don’t have any if the issues mentioned above so I don’t really splurge on anything at the moment.


I have splurged on skincare before… especially acne products and lately anti-aging.


I very rarely splurge on makeup or skincare… but I’ve been lucky enough to be able to try some high-end full size products from review sites!


I used to splurge on skincare and makeup and stuff (trips to Sephora and Ulta) when I was younger and didn’t have a family or a child or anything. I can’t really do that now because I feel guilty spending extra money on that stuff. If I do spend a little money on products, its usually haircare. I really like Shea Moisture and it works well for both me and my son. It’s not considered high-end necessarily, but some of the products are above $10 and if you buy more than one it can get pricey. I’m generally frugal and try to find my other products (facial oils) at discounted prices on Amazon or try to find free samples.