Wow Product Packaging


What are some of your favorite product packaging examples?
Those that make you go, wow!
Pics greatly appreciated.


Can’t think of any favorites right now but I love when packaging is ecofriendly! Too much plastic and packaging is hard to recycle. Something that is good for the body should be good for the environment


I love the way Pretty Vulgar Cosmetics packages their products… it’s always so pretty and feminine looking. I have to admit that I have bought a few of their products solely because I thought the packaging was gorgeous. They look sort of vintage and are always unique. Also, Too Faced has some really nice, feminine packaging. It’s always really sturdy and well made.



If we are talking luxury brands my favorite is Sulwhasoo.If I want a little bit girly and cute I love Too Faced.A nice mix between the two would be Hourglass.I apologize for not doing pictures I am not that computer smart.LOL


I can’t think of any off hand. I do enjoy when the packaging states it has a percentage of recycled material in it. But something that is eco-friendly is always great.


I have to admit, product packaging is very influential with me and sometimes makes the difference in purchasing or not. My favorite makeup brand that I feel always takes pride in their product packaging is Tarte Cosmetics. Their products are always ergonomical and eye catching. I rarely see a product of theirs that isn’t a “wow” moment for me. My favorite brand of hair products has bottles and packaging that I find interesting. I use Maui Moisture brand after recently discovering they have products for color protection that are natural and contain sea minerals, sea kelp, and algae. The containers are a pretty ocean green and the design on the packaging is of the sea. They give excellent product information as well on the bottles. Packaging and the amount of product information is very important to me as a consumer.



I’ll have to think about that. I do know that while I like eye-catching packaging, I like very classic containers for the products.
Big points for glass!


I like my Birchbox I receive monthly. I think the boxes are always so cute and make me excited to see what’s inside.


i don’t have any examples to show, but i have ran across products that were nicely packaged that i have purchased, i do not remember the products names, i apologize. but the packaging was the main reason i tried the products. your sample package is one that i would purchase just by seeing.


I’m torn with packaging. On one hand, I love a luxurious look and feel with glass containers and shiny bits, but on the other, I really like earth-friendly packaging. Earth-friendly would be something recycled or even that paper that is also a seed packet that I can plant. LOVE that! I hate, absolutely hate, packaging that is overkill and not necessary/not earth-friendly. Styrofoam is a no and if I need scissors to get it out, it’s a no.


I really like sleek packaging. Nothing too “out there” and cutesy kind of like Too Faced products. That’s all personal preference, but their packaging makes me feel like I looking at makeup for children. I like things that are basic but still look nice, like a sleek and clean look. And I don’t think that has to be bland, I think colorful packaging can also look like this (like the Tarte In Bloom palette picture here) I just find that very attractive. Like others have said, I also like products that have a natural and earthy look to them!



One of my favorites is Brighton’s jewelry packaging. I like that it’s not typical. They can be colorful drawstring bags or tin canisters. Being reusable for whatever I choose is a great plus as well.



These are great, thank you!


Glad you like them. You’re welcome!


I don’t really have any pictures but what always seems to “wow” me when I order things are personal touches. It may not always be feasible but it always impresses. A note or a hand wrapped something.
Those types of things always stand out to me.


The only packaging that comes to my mind right now is a lotion my husband bought me as a present about 2 weeks ago. It’s lotion that is banana scented in a banana tube. He got it from Amazon and I was really amazed that it actually smells like bananas.



That’s cute.
Hadn’t thought of the banana smell before :slight_smile:


Aveda skin care products!
They have always been appealing to me.
I just adore this photo!



I like nice packaging, but I don’t really have a particular favorite. I do like when things come in bottles and oils come with dropper bottles because its easier to use all of the product. I also prefer for things to not come in jars because of the double dipping factor, but it is hard to use every last bit of product in a bottle or pump container.


I am obsessed with vintage packaging. I use to have a few pieces that I picked up antiques shopping.