Yodora Deodorant Cream


Hey guys,

So here is my review:

So this deodorant is completely natural, removes sweat and prevents my underarms from sweating regularly. It also ensures that I don’t sweat even if I skip a day or two from wearing it. It absorbs into the skin very quickly. It is also very gentle and feels soft on the skin. It doesn’t mess up your clothes. It smells a little bit like Ponds cream. I love it that it has made me sweat like 80% less than an unnatural deodorant even if I miss using it for a few days and thankfully, now it’s just sweat without any odor too! I love the packaging design too, it’s my first cream styled deodorant. The best thing is, it contains no aluminum salts or any other harmful chemicals and it can be used pretty much anywhere where there is perspiration and odor takes places. I’d definitely recommend this deodorant to everyone, especially those who are looking to explore new ones.

You can find it in Walgreens or Amazon


Do you have to wait and let it dry before putting clothes on?


Not underarms thankfully. But if you try it on your hands/fingers, it takes some massaging before it can he absorbed.


Just wanted to add it here, because the other link will expire tomorrow.
Please bare with me lol, I am no expert in video making. :blush: